Monday, July 25, 2011


CLINGING TO THE TREES OF A FOREST FIRE (Denver - USA) are without a doubt one of the most apocalyptic bands these days : between blackened grindcore and filthy sludge, these four tracks are the perfect blend of all the most extreme stuff you could find. For fans of Today Is The Day, Robinson, Admiral Angry, Khanate...
On the other side, NESSERIA (Orléans - France) is delivering here their best material to date, still as intense and pissed than on their previous full-length, but in a dirtier and more complex way. For fans of The Secret, Buried Inside, Cursed or Trap Them!

1. Opaque
2. Wrinkled Claws
3. Lower Than Life, High As The Sky
4. S.I.T.W
5. Freistadt
6. Mercure
7. Fils De La Fin De Siècle
8. 1789

Stream and download from bandcamp or from mediafire and if you like it, buy it!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

California's own hardcore punk group, All Teeth, has put together a short E.P. covering some of The Specials songs, and a few of their originals as well. It's entitled 'Summer Sessions' and up for free download. Check it out!

Download now

Monday, July 18, 2011

Topshelf Records presents: 2011 Label Sampler


THE CLIPPERS- Mature Women from An Evening With... (out this summer)
PIANOS BECOME THE TEETH- New Normal (from The Saddest Landscape split)
INTO IT. OVER IT.- Augusta, GA (from Twelve Towns) (out this summer)
BY SURPRISE- $600 Exorcism (from Mountain Smashers)
CARAVELS- Dream Beaver (from S/T)
LION CUB- Summer Olympic (from American Buffalo) (out this summer)
EMPIRE! EMPIRE! (I WAS A LONELY ESTATE)- When You Are Done Living on Borrowed Time (from On Time Spent Waiting, or Placing the Weight of the World on the Shoulders of Those You Love the Most) (out this summer)
DEER LEAP- New Architect (Previously unreleased)
SIRS- Parading (Previously unreleased)
RUN,WALK!- Throw Nothing At The Sea (from PEEKAY)
GROWN UPS- Three Day Weekend (from More Songs)
EVERYONE EVERYWHERE- I Feel Fine (from S/T courtesy of Tiny Engines Records)
BIG KIDS- I Am a Romantic Comedy Dude (from Don’t Be a Baby)
COPING- F For Now (from The Clippers Split)
THE SADDEST LANDSCAPE- Eternity Is Lost on the Dying (from You Will Not Survive)
WE WERE SKELETONS- The Ghost of Jean Glam (from MNWA Split)
TALONS- Peter Pan (from Hollow Realm)
PRAWN- Get Down (from You Can Just Leave It All) (out this fall)
AEROPLANE, 1929- The Frontier (from Attic & Cellar)
YOU, ME & EVERYONE WE KNOW- There Was a Thump (from Things Are Really Weird Right Now)
MY HEART TO JOY- Farewell to a Raincloud from (Reasons To Be)
ROOFTOPS- Tear As I Fly (from A Forest of Polarity)


A GREAT BIG PILE OF LEAVES- A Few Screws Loose (from Have You Seen My Prefrontal Cortex?)
CSTVT- Rogers Alexandra (from S/T courtesy of Run For Cover Records)
DUCK. LITTLE BROTHER, DUCK!- Steve Jobs (All Is Fun Until Someone Gets Stabbed) (from Survival Is Not A Workout)
DEFEATER- Dear Father (from Empty Days & Sleepless Nights courtesy of Bridge Nine Records)
PSWINGSET- Husk (from 2011 Demo)
GIFTS FROM ENOLA- Dime and Suture (from S/T)
YOU BLEW IT!- Terry v. Tori (Previously unreleased)
SUIS LA LUNE- September Gave Us Awkwardness, October Gave Me Nothing (from Heir)
BRIGHTER ARROWS- Severance (Previously unreleased)
DOWSING- Amateur Cartography (from All I Could Find Was You courtesy of Count Your Lucky Stars Records)
BARS OF GOLD- The Hustle (from Of Gold)
BRAVE BIRD- Whittle Down the Days (Previously Unreleased)
SNOWING- I Think We're in Minsk (from I Could Do Whatever I Wanted If I Wanted courtesy of Count Your Lucky Stars Records)
FOOTBALL, ETC-. Safety (from The Draft courtesy of Count Your Lucky Stars Records)
JOYCE MANOR- Constant Headache (from Constant Headache)
CATTLE DRUMS- Sluts and Coconuts (from The Boy Kisser Sessions +3 courtesy of Tiny Engines Records)
SAINTSENECA- Last (Previously unreleased)
HIGHTIDE HOTEL- Weekends (from Nothing Was Missing, Except Me courtesy of Count Your Lucky Stars Records)
DIKEMBE- That’s How What Works (Previously unreleased)
CALCULATOR- Drawing Circles (from New Forms)
RHODES- All I Keep Seeing Are Flamingos (from Two​-​track)
MOVING MOUNTAINS- Where Two Bodies Lie (from Waves courtesy of Triple Crown Records)
TIGERSCOUT- Homespun (Previously unreleased)
MONUMENT- Roots Run Deep (from Goes Canoeing courtesy of Tiny Engines Records)
WAVELETS- My Dad The Manatee. (Previously unreleased courtesy of Tiny Engines Records)
BALANCE AND COMPOSURE- Quake (from Separation courtesy of No Sleep Records)
BOZMO- Milksnakes (Previously Unreleased)
BORIS SMILE- The Battle of Miss Little (from My Love Powered By 10,000 Practice Amps courtesy of Count Your Lucky Stars Records)
THE FRONT BOTTOMS- The Beers (Previously unreleased courtesy of Bar/None Records)
FORMING- Hate My Gutz (from S/T)
FORMER THIEVES- Trust Fund Kids (from The Language That We Speak courtesy of No Sleep Records)
SHAPES- Allure A Hore (from Monotony Chic courtesy of Big Scary Monsters)
CASSILIS- Judgement Dude (from My Colors)
ANNABEL- The Forgetting of Names and Faces (from Here We Are Tomorrow courtesy of Tiny Engines Records)
LA DISPUTE- Why It Scares Me (from Searching for a Pulse​/​The Worth of the World courtesy of No Sleep Records)
RESTORATIONS- When You’re Older (from S/T courtesy of Tiny Engines Records)
BIG SUCCESS- Pete Sadler (To The Max) (Previously Unreleased courtesy of Big Scary Monsters)
THE FELIX CULPA- Towers (from Sever Your Roots/Bury The Axe courtesy of No Sleep Records)
CLOUD MOUTH- Waves (from That Ghost is Always With Me courtesy of Count Your Lucky Stars Records)
TALL SHIPS- Plate Tectonics (from There Is Nothing But Chemistry Here courtesy of Big Scary Monsters)
SINFORIANO DIAZ- 06331 (Previously unreleased)
BASEMENT- Greyscale (from I Wish I Could Stay Here courtesy of Run For Cover Records)
TOUCHÉ AMORÉ- Home Away From Here (from Parting the Sea Between Brightness and Me courtesy of Deathwish Inc.)
THE GURU- Reel It In (Previously unreleased)
WARREN FRANKLIN- Bro Downs Know No Bounds (from Your Heart Belongs to the Midwest courtesy of Count Your Lucky Stars Records)

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New EP from German Hardcore/Screamo band Trainwreck, featuring some of their best material so far. FFO: Ampere, Comadre, Glasses

2.Crooked Room
3.Thorns And Shroud
4.Smaller And Smaller
5.Piano Gigante

Get it now and if you like it, buy it!

Plebeian Grandstand/Bone Dance/Divider Split

Three bands, three different interpretations of hardcore/punk, two continents, one policy: Destroy.

BONE DANCE (Boise, Idaho, USA) doesn't want to be your friend. The nihilism you'll hear from these self-described "five loud dudes with shitty attitudes", playing their exceedingly raw brand of chaotic hardcore/sludge, will ring a bell whether you're into GAZA or KEN MODE, BOTCH or CURSED. Conceived with a colossal sense of brutality, yet never forsaking their punk ethos, "West" and "Conniver" will further consecrate this band as one to watch. Remember this goddamned name.

No matter how paradoxical it may seem, DIVIDER (Long Island, New York, USA) would prefer to unite rather than to divide. Uniting the sound of more modern filthy hardcore bands with a strong sense of punk emergency, these two tracks ("Gaia" & "Halios Geron" ) introduce Chris Tzompanakis behind the mic, best known for his work with the influential group SKYCAMEFALLING in the early 2000's. If you're into DEADGUY, THE POWER AND THE GLORY, or VISION OF DISORDER, you've found the perfect soundtrack for your next bare-knuckle boxing match.

As for PLEBEIAN GRANDSTAND (Toulouse, France), if the shrapnel-laden assault that was "How Hate Is Hard To Define" had you asking for more, this time around there won't be any survivors left to beg for a rematch. If the explosion of screaming and distortion that is "Woe Is Me" isn't enough, then the hallucinatory "Woe Is You", with its NEUROSIS inspired, trance-like drums, and a throbbing bassline that builds to a crescendo which threatens to tip the richter scale, certainly will be. The first time I heard these tracks, I felt like ripping off my eyelids. And I won't be the one.

1. Bone Dance - Conniver
2. Bone Dance - West
3. Divider - Gaia
4. Divider - Halios Geron
5. Plebeian Grandstand - Woe Is Me
6. Plebeian Grandstand - Woe Is You

Stream and/or download from bandcamp or download it from mediafire here. And if you like it, support these bands and BUY a copy!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


"Run For Cover Records is excited to announce the debut full-length from their first international signing, Ipswich, UK’s Basement. “I Wish I Could Stay Here” will be released on CD, LP and Digital formats on July, 5th 2011 and will feature 10 new tracks mixed and mastered by Jesse Cannon (Man Overboard, Lifetime, Saves The Day). A brand new track, pre-order information and tour dates for the UK and else where will be announced in the coming months.
Basement have also been confirmed to perform at Slam Dunk, Hevy and Ghost Festivals this year, so be sure to check them out."

1. Fading
2. Plan To Be Surprised
3. Canada Square
4. Crickets Throw Their Voices
5. Earl Grey
6. Ellipses
7. Every Single Word
8. Yoke
9. Grayscale
10. March

Download here