Thursday, June 30, 2011


My friend, Alex, introduced me to this band a few months ago and I fell in love with their chaotic, yet beautiful sound. I have been looking forward to the release of this for months now, and I'm super stoked on it. Get into, guys, you won't be disappointed.

"Callusing and fast metal fused with D-beat punk and hardcore, Tucson, AZ's Hellhorse is a unique blend of precision and raw aggression. Lyrically, "Decade Of Dust" paints a bleak and mysterious picture, as much for fans of Watain and Celtic Frost as it is for those of Catharsis, Ringworm and Gehenna (US)."

1. Hellhorse
2. Zion
3. Keine Helder
4. Pig
5. I Am Disposable
6. Wolfpack
7. Year Of Skulls
8. Consume

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Sunday, June 26, 2011


Beware features members of Mother of Mercy, Daylight and Stick Together. FFO: Chain Of Strength.

1. Changing Face
2. All I Need
3. Turn Away
4. Where Did We Go Wrong

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Man, these guys are on top for me in skramz. I can't believe I'm even just now posting about this album. Anyway, I was introduced to Raein about a year ago by a friend of mine, and I can't seem to get enough. They're dark, raw, passionate, chaos and beauty all wrapped into one. I couldn't ask for a better album. Raein definitely holds it down for Italy.

The boys are taking donations for the new album, so if you can help them out a bit click here!

1. Se la Notte Sogno, Sogno di Essere un Maratoneta
2. Nirvana
3. Trasparenti Oscure Virtù
4. Costellazione Secondo le Leggi del Caso
5. Raein: Rumore. Tre
6. Oggi Ho Deciso di Diventare Oro
7. Attualità dell'Utopia
8. Abitudine, Cerimonia, Magia
9. Dopo di Noi la Libertà
10. Come Materia Infinita

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Sabertooth Zombie

Sabertooth Zombie | Live On The Waiting Room
1. White Love
2. Campaign
3. Grim & Hapless

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1. Bright Sun
2. Madre Mia
3. Never Kneel
4. Fallen
5. Times Up
6. We Deserve To Die
7. Red
8. Obituary
9. Cold
10. Spanish Harlem
11. Cursed
12. Salvation

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This LP compiles all the tracks from their "Madre Mia" CD as well as the songs from the "Earthquake" split, all remastered. These dudes have been having huge van issues on their current tour, so if you can help them out, order some merch from theirCold Cuts store.

Ed Gein

1. Intro
2. Wage Slave
3. The Wraith
4. Bullet Dodger
5. Captain Shit
6. Into The Fire
7. She Creeps
8. Moth Collection (Into The Freezer)
9. The Spectacle
10. VIP's
11. Wasted Life

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This french outfit plays some blackened mathcore who can be compared to bands like Celeste, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Shora, The Secret or The Chariot. They will release their upcoming debut album (mastered by Alan Douches - Converge, Mastodon...) on 12" in late august (corelease w/Douchebag Records) but pre-orders are already available (12" only, w/CD included exclusively with pre-orders).

1. Aorta
2. Crown Of Thorns
3. Cup Of Tea
4. The Worst Secret
5. Past Acts
6. King Of Nowhere
7. Last Breath
8. 2011 Vintage
9. My Prozac World
10. Fools Have Taken The Nave
11. Discours De La Méthode

To stream the record, go here. To download, use previous bandcamp link or click here to download directly from mediafire. If you're digging it, make sure to buy yourself a copy, too!

This album was submitted by Matthias of ThroatRuiner Records. They have a free download politic to get great music heard all over the world. They have downloads available for a plethora of bands that should definitely be checked out. To do so, click here.

Holy Roar Records Presents: HOLY HELL SUMMER SAMPLER

1. Rosa Valle- Mathemagician
2. Slabdragger- Erroneous Maximus
3. Witch Cult- Burn
4. The Ergon Carousel- Dead Banks
5. Self Loathing- Cut
6. Crossbreaker- Time Is Making Fools of Us
7. Rolo Tomassi- ...And Then The Mannequin Spoke
8. Antares- to youth and valour
9. Pariso- The Recluse
10. Kerouac- Fiends
11. Make Do And Mend- Nights The Only Time of Day
12. Grazes- Observers Paradox
13. Jackals- Mob Mentality
14. End Reign- Abyss
15. Eisberg- Salt In The Wound
16. Brutality Will Prevail- Heavy Eyes
17. Daggers- Axes
18. Brontide- Jura
19. Gallops- Eukodol
20. Hang The Bastard- The Great Devourer
21. Abolition- Shadow
22. Cthulhu Youth- Free Music For Poor Punx

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REVHQ 2011 Summer Sampler

1. Powerwolves- You Won't Find Peace (Panic Records)
2. Hellhorse- Pig (Twelve Gauge Records)
3. Power- Singing And Screaming (Twelve Gauge Records)
4. Forty Winters- Abominable Times (Dead Truth Recordings)
5. By A Thread- Between The Takes (Revelation Records)
6. Absolution- Armed With Anger (Livewire Records)
7. Skull Crusher- Ice Age (Livewire Records)
8. Sick Of It All- Death Or Jail (Think Fast!/Century Media)
9. Ghost Thrower- I Never Damned You (Equal Vision Records)
10. Take Offense- Power In Our Hands (Reaper Records)
11. Run With The Hunted- Magna Cum Laude (Panic Records)
12. All Teeth- Oh Disposable Me (Panic Records)
13. Late Nite Wars- Bones (Panic Records)
14. The Saddest Landscape- So Lightly Thrown (Panic Records)
15. Revenge- Sleep Deprivation (Frequency Deleted)
16. Boys No Good- Never Felt Better (Indianola Records)
17. Casey Jones- Hammer The Nails (The First Division)
18. This Routine Is Hell- The Weight Of Defeat (Get Outta Town Records)
19. Raindance- Riverbed (Glory Kid Records)
20. Hammerfist- Climbing Knife Mountain (Ghost Town)
21. Smoke And Mirrors- Dr. Doom (Path Less Traveled / Superhero)
22. Counterpunch- March Of The Paper Tiger (Go-kart Records)
23. Anchor- Atlantis (State Of Mind)
24. Reviver- Undefined (State Of Mind)
25. Soldiers- Unscarred (State Of Mind)
26. Compound- Just One (State Of Mind)
27. This Day Will Tell- Sweet Dreams, Meet You There (Indianola Records)
28. Make It Reign- Kiss The Dead (Dead Truth Recordings)
29. Down To Nothing- Where It Went (JUDGE) (Revelation Records)
30. Dusted Angel- Seeking The Dawn (Mankind)

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Monday, June 20, 2011

Rest In Peace

Ryan Dunn died in a car crash early Monday morning, and his death has already been confirmed by fellow Jackass star Bam Margera's mother. The 34-year-old was into stunts and pranks, but it doesn't sound like the car crash had anything to do with his usual horseplay.

It was reported that Dunn died on Route 322 and New Street in West Goshen, Pennsylvania. An unidentified person also died in the crash.

Dunn was tweeting last night before the fatal accident, and it does hint about what went down. Dunn was pictured in his TwitPic with two friends, all holding cups in what looks like a bar. Dunn's head is down in the shot, and he's gesturing with a cigarette in one hand.

Dunn was not only featured in the Jackass films, but, according to IMDB, also had two films in post-production: Welcome to the Bates Motel and Booted.

This is a photo of the wrecked vehicle:

The story is still developing.

Thoughts and prayers to the Dunn family, as well as those who were like family, including the Jackass crew. Rest in peace, Ryan. May the memory of all the things you stuck in your ass and other shennanigans live on forever.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Losin' It

This is not the first time I've posted about this band, and it won't be the last! Losin' It is a straightedge hardcore band out of Florida that will not disappoint. These guys have raw, passionate, in-your-face vibes on this album and an amazing Floorpunch cover. I highly recommend this for fans of bands that stay true to era of hardcore.

1.Use It Or Lose It
2. Get Real
3. Truth
4. Say Something
5. Reality Check

Click here to be re-directed to their bandcamp page. They've got their newest release, Say Something, up for free download. Get on it!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

No Solution is a Youth Crew Hardcore band out of Nantes, France. Check it out!

1. Abandoned Friend
2. Try to Understand
3. Competition is Unfair
4. Where Does Ethic End ?
5. Sign of Friendship
6. Outro

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Atlanta, Georgia's Deathbed is a 90's-influenced metallic hardcore band for fans of Morning Again, Chokehold, and Harvest. This is two tracks from the upcoming EP, For The Few. The full EP will be available on vinyl and cassette in mid/late June via Upside Down Records.

1. Lost
2. For The Few

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Iron Chic/Pacer Split

"The first 7" in our second series of split 7"s, this time around featuring the mighty Iron Chic and Pacer. They released two of the best records of 2010 and now New York and London's finest have come together to kick things off. With both bands you can talk about them being jam packed with ex-members of x, y and z but they are so good in their own right they need no sales pitch!"

1. Iron Chic- Those Heads Are Our Heads
2. Iron Chic- Climate Is What We Expect, Weather Is What We Get
3. Pacer- Throwback
4. Pacer- Bricklayer

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Agitator is holding in down in the hardcore scene and quickly making a big name for themselves. Don't miss out seeing these guys live the next time they come through your area. Get on this EP. It's entitled Walls Closing In.

1. Intro
2. Social Chameleon
3. Walls Closing In
4. Force Fed Lies
5. Two Faces

Download it now and if you like it, BUY it!!