Monday, March 28, 2011

Brandon Boyd

It's no mystery that most music enthusiasts cringe a little inside when they hear that a lead singer is deciding to branch out on his own. Needless to say, the industry is littered with solo efforts gone terribly wrong. I am happy to report that The Wild Trapeze is not one of those times.

The Wild Trapeze starts off strong with its title track. This song kicks in with a hefty bass line coupled with your standard acoustic strumming and then transitions into a smooth groove where Brandon Boyd's voice is allowed to shine. In actuality, it sounds like a barebones version of Incubus and the same could probably be said about the rest of the record, but that's pretty much what we expected here right? This is far from a bad thing.


  1. The Wild Trapeze
  2. Here Comes Everyone
  3. Dance While The Devil Sleeps
  4. A Night Without Cars
  5. Revenge of the Spectral Tiger
  6. Courage And Control
  7. Runaway Train
  8. Last Night A Passenger
  9. Mirror of Venus
  10. All Ears Avow!
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