Thursday, March 31, 2011

Title Fight

Title Fight have a new album coming out in May titled Shed. 12 tracks of pure awesomeness, is what it is. In all honesty, Shed is, by far, no The Last Thing You Forget, nor is it a terrible album. I'm currently on my first full listen through of it as I type this and I'm impressed. I don't know exactly what I was expecting with this album, but I was hoping for... more. If that makes any sense. Regardless of all this babble, it's definitely worth checking out. Much love to these guys.

1. Coxton Yard
2. Shed
3. Flood of ’72
4. Society
5. You Can’t Say Kingston Doesn’t Love You
6. Crescent-Shaped Depression
7. Safe In Your Skin
8. Where Am I?
9. Your Screen Door
10. 27
11. Stab
12. GMT (Greenwich Mean Time)

Download it now, and if you're into it, go ahead and pre-order it!

Weekend Nachos

New EP from Weekend Nachos. I remember when they released the title track, Black Earth, for preview purposes and I was instantly pumped for the release of the EP. I hope their upcoming full length is just as gnarly and heavy. Get your mosh on.

1. Black Earth
2. Friendship
3. Priorities
4. No Saints

Get it here now and if you're digging it, BUY that shit.


Expire has put together 4 songs of straightforward, heavy-hitting hardcore. Members of Expire live in different parts of the midwest and the band seems to draw influences from the east and west coasts, finding a happy medium with heavy grooves reminiscent of the NYHC style and fast parts that are worthy of a good ‘ole California circle pit.

Track List:
1. Sleep Lost
2. First Fall
3. Grip
4. Focus
Download it here, and if you like it, pre-order that shit.
There are three colors of vinyl available on a first come, first serve basis.

The Strokes

Will Angles be known as the album where The Strokes find themselves at a crossroad or at the end of the road?

With this album comes mixed feelings, for me personally, that is. It's not as great as This is It, but nor is it as awful (in my opinion; remember: "to each their own") as First Impressions of Earth. I've yet to come to a decision as to whether I truly like the album or not, but I can say that a couple tracks caught my attention.

Decide for yourself.

01. Machu Picchu

02. Under Cover of Darkness

03. Two Kinds of Happiness

04. You’re So Right

05. Taken For A Fool

06. Games

07. Call Me Back

08. Gratisfaction 

09. Metabolism
10. Life Is Simple In The Moonlight

Download here.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


In all honesty, I was never a huge fan of Yellowcard. They had some catchy tunes, and the music wasn't bad, it was just never anything I found myself constantly wanting to listen to.

They've come out with a new album called When You're Through Thinking, Say Yes. I've yet to listen to it myself, but I've heard great reviews. Decide for yourself.

01. The Sound of You And Me
02. For You, And Your Denial
03. With You Around
04. Hang You Up
05. Life of Leaving Home
06. Hide
07. Soundtrack
08. Sing for Me
09. See Me Smiling
10. Be the Young

Download here.

Rise Against

The attention to detail and dedication in creating a genuinely special record is notable and invigorating throughout the entirety of these 12 tracks. This Is Letting Go is one of the most anthemic songs you’re likely to hear this year, before the record closes with the title track, the tight intensity never loosening. The melodies are huge, the hoarse vocals are fairly infrequent – but this is probably one of the most punk rock albums Rise Against have recorded. That they’ve achieved this with a great, polished production is testament to a band who truly understand their craft and have genuine respect for sharing the scene from which they came. ‘Endgame’ is bona fide awesomeness.

It is an album full of important messages, with none greater than our inability and unwillingness to see the signs of our impending doom. Albums with this much heart, brains and chest-thumping rock are a rarity.

1. Architects
2. Help Is On The Way
3. Make It Stop (September’s Children)
4. Disparity By Design
5. Satellite
6. Midnight Hands
7. Survivor Guilt
8. Broken Mirrors
9. Wait For Me
10. A Gentlemen’s Coup
11. This Is Letting Go
12. Endgame

Download here

Sum 41

It’s sort of weird to think of Sum 41 as a veteran band but hell, it’s been nearly a decade since the release of All Killer, No Filler. And while the Canadian four-piece may want to be seen as a grown-up rock band – as evidenced by the retro-styled, slightly underwhelming likes of Baby You Don’t Want To Know and Reason To Believe – they’re still at their best when unleashing some metallic pop-punk fury, as on the title track and Skumfuk. They’re no longer a phenomenon, instead, Sum 41 have continued to mature into a rather decent band.

1. Reason To Believe
2. Screaming Bloody Murder
3. Skumfuk
4.Time For You To Go
5. Jessica Kill
6. What Am I To Say
7. A Dark Road Out Of Hell
8. Sick Of Everyone
9. Happiness Machine
10. Over Now
11. Blood In My Eyes
12. Baby You Don’t Wanna Know
13. Back Where I Belong
14. Exit Song

Download here.

Unwritten Law

It’s been a long wait since the last original Unwritten Law release. Here’s To The Mourning came out in 2005, so nearly 6 years have passed to give us Swan, the band’s latest work. Luckily, the wait was not in vain; Swan was worth it. While not as catchy as Here's To The Mourning, it is still a well crafted and rounded record that has its anthems, slow songs, and ‘experiments’.

For those unfamiliar with this band, their music is surprisingly varied for a rock band. They like to try all speeds and rhythms, which makes for an entertaining ride. Swan is no different, and is another worthy addition to the Unwritten Law discography. It may not be their best album to date, but it’s still a great listen and highly recommended.

1. Starships and Apocalypse
2. Nevermind
3. Dark Dayz
4. Last Chance
5. Sing
6. Superbad
7. Let You Go
8. Chicken (Ready To Go) feat. Del Tha Funkee Homosapien
9. On My Own
10. Love Love Love
11. Swan Song

Download now.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Daggers is a Hardcore band based in Van Nuys and surrounding areas. Trying to create a combination of hardcore punk and metal that will make you groove.

They just put this up for download on their facebook page last night.

  1. Sentenced
  2. Frozen
  3. All Out War
  4. Daggers
  5. Stone Cold
  6. Savage Lyfe
  7. Fool's Crown
  8. Chameleon 
Download it here.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Dropkick Murphys

Going Out In Style is complex and diverse, showcasing the evolution of the band but at no point leaving you feeling like they've sacrificed any of their energy, passion or sheer punk passion due to age, popularity or for any reason at all.

It's evolutionary and revolutionary for the band. It's an album created to make you feel at home whether you're in the pit or back by the bar, singing along with a mug in one hand and your arm draped over the shoulder of your best friend. It's the positive vibe that the Murphys have helped create and expose the world to over the years, and it's their biggest and best yet, without ever denying or forgetting their roots.


  1. Hang ‘Em High
  2. Going Out In Style
  3. The Hardest Mile
  4. Cruel
  5. Memorial Day
  6. Climbing A Chair To Bed
  7. 1953
  8. Deeds Not Words
  9. Take ‘Em Down
  10. Broken Hymns
  11. Sunday Hardcore Matinee
  12. Peg O’ My Heart
  13. The Irish Rover
Download here.


If you enjoy lush, dreamy soundscapes, then Mogwai's Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will is the album for you. One can imagine that listening to this album through headphones probably adds a whole other dimension to the experience – so definitely give that a try if Mogwai is your style. The creativity in the arrangements is certainly the highlight of the latest record, but do prepared to feel like you’re in a slightly hypnotic state by the final song.


  1. White Noise
  2. Mexican Grand Prix
  3. Rano Pano
  4. Death Rays
  5. San Pedro
  6. Letters to the Metro
  7. George Square Thatcher Death Party
  8. How to Be a Werewolf
  9. Too Raging to Cheers
  10. You’re Lionel Richie


Brandon Boyd

It's no mystery that most music enthusiasts cringe a little inside when they hear that a lead singer is deciding to branch out on his own. Needless to say, the industry is littered with solo efforts gone terribly wrong. I am happy to report that The Wild Trapeze is not one of those times.

The Wild Trapeze starts off strong with its title track. This song kicks in with a hefty bass line coupled with your standard acoustic strumming and then transitions into a smooth groove where Brandon Boyd's voice is allowed to shine. In actuality, it sounds like a barebones version of Incubus and the same could probably be said about the rest of the record, but that's pretty much what we expected here right? This is far from a bad thing.


  1. The Wild Trapeze
  2. Here Comes Everyone
  3. Dance While The Devil Sleeps
  4. A Night Without Cars
  5. Revenge of the Spectral Tiger
  6. Courage And Control
  7. Runaway Train
  8. Last Night A Passenger
  9. Mirror of Venus
  10. All Ears Avow!
Download now.


Based in LA, Ghostlimb is fronted by none other than Justin Smith -- owner of Vitriol Records, guitarist/vocalist of Graf Orlock (under the pseudonym Jason Schmidt), and guitarist of Dangers. As Vitriol Records churns out one crucial release after the next, many of which feature Smith as a member, Smith is fast becoming one of the most prolific people in the underground today -- the center of something like a modern-day SST scene.

Infrastructure's opener, "Construction," rips through the speakers with all the aggression and left-of-center thrashing of Graf Orlock. Smith's signature metal-via-punk riffing and authoritative bark are in full effect and this could very well be the first song on the next Graf Orlock album. But then, midway through the song, the bottom falls out and we are introduced to a whole other depth of emotion -- a radiant, heart-on-sleeve chorus that announces this is not Graf Orlock, this is Ghostlimb.

Through eleven songs (plus a cover of "Plastic Surgery" by British punks Leatherface), Ghostlimb nails this balance of angst and beauty. Bright, empowering anthems shine atop a burly foundation of giant, rock-solid hardcore beats, dirty chords, and the occasional lightning-fast thrash picking. The sound is massive and real.

Infrastructure is up for pre-order now and you can download the track, Construction, here.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

R.I.P Mitch Dubey

Mitch Dubey was killed in his own home in an attempt robbery a few nights ago in New Haven, CT. This world has lost a man with a heart made of gold. I never knew him personally, but of the stories I've been told over time, it's a shame that I never did. I'll never get the chance to now.

In the wake of his tragic death, friends have organized a benefit show featuring The Flaming Tsunamis, My Heart To Joy and others to raise funds for a proper funeral. For those in the area, more on the show can be found on its event page on Facebook. If you do not live in the area or will not be able to attend but would still like to donate, donations are accepted through PayPal {LAUREN.DUBEY@GMAIL.COM}. Any help or support you can offer would be greatly appreciated by his friends and family.

His band, Swear Jar, released a demo tape in 2009. It was a 5 song cassette but those 5 songs summed up the band and the band members perfectly. The songs could go from soft, to long guitar buildups with feedback and then hit you in the face immediately with guitar work that was fast, heavy, but still extremely fun all at the same time.

Here is a link to the bands demo. Download it, listen to it, spread it around. It's too good to be a footnote in the history of a friend who's no longer with us.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Purple Mercy

I was always a fan of Life Long Tragedy and I, as well as the rest of the true hardcore fans, was super bummed over their break up back in '08. Especially since I was never fortunate enough to ever see them perform live. Luckily though, a few members of LLT went on to play with a band called Purple Mercy. They don't have have that ''AW FUCK YEAH LETS MOSH AND FUCK SHIT UP'' attitude, but they're just as intense.

Purple Mercy have that slow, heavy tempo with a psychedelic vibe that'll have you angrily bobbing your head. A lot of instrumental comes into play when listening to this band which makes for a very chill listening experience. They still have that hardcore attitude, just a little more laid back. My buddy, Alex, actually hooked me up with a download link for this band today. I had previously never knew they existed and I owe him one for this. He never lets me down when I'm in need of new music to check out.

Anyway, I'm on my third run-through of their self-titled album and I can't get enough. I thoroughly enjoy this band, and I'm positive that you will, too.


1. 1970's Acid Fuck Fest
2. Beware
3. Cashed Hit
4. No Hymn
5. Holy Vultures (Multiversal Mind Axe)
6. Drifting On The Salton Sea
7. Black Winds Of The Underworld
8. Swine Language

Download their S/T LP here, and if you're into it, buy yourself a copy as well.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Sugartown Cabaret

Sugartown Cabaret is a French screamo / post-hardcore bands featuring ex members of Amanda Woodward and Aussitot Mort, recommended for fans of both of those bands as well as Native.
01. The Tides
02. Nothing Is Mine
03. Feeling Thrilled With The Guests
04. Hazard Lights
05. A Tower
06. However Hard
Click here to download and buy it if you like it.

Alternativ Newcomers Compilation 2011

Do you have friends that you want to introduce to new music and genres to? Share this with them or download it yourself, even if you know the bands or have these songs, it's a great compilation to have and/or share.


1. Caravels - Iceland
2. Make Do And Mend - Ghostal (feat. Jordan Dreyer of La Dispute)
3. Man Overboard - Montrose
4. Transit - A Living Diary
5. The Rival Mob - Hardcore For Hardcore
6. Hostage Calm - Ballots/Stones
7. Iron Chic - Time Keeps On Slipping Into The (Cosmic) Future
8. Daytrader - Kill My Compass
9. Pianos Become The Teeth - New Normal
10. Nails - Scum Will Rise
11. Power Trip - Hammer Of Doubt
12. Tigers Jaw - Spirit Desire
13. The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die - Gordon Paul
14. CSTVT - Six Parts Summer
15. Living With Lions - A Bottle Of Charades
16. Dear Landlord - Three To The Beach
17. Ill Intent - The Matthew Effect
18. Plebeian Grandstand - Ordo Ab Chao
19. The Republic Of Wolves - Greek Fire
20. Birds In Row - Word Of Astaroth
21. Prawn - Nightmares
22. PJ Bond - You, Too
23. RVIVR - Resilient Basterds (Shellshag cover)
24. No Friends - Traditional Failures
25. Who Needs Maps? - Le Nombre Exige
26. Fake Off - Take This For Breakfast
27. DANGERS - Tarantula Type
28. As We Draw - Sin Of Addiction
29. Snowing - So I Shotgunned A Beer And Went Back To Bed
30. I Pilot Dæmon - The Life Collider
31. Stay Ahead Of The Weather - Butchering A Back Catalog
32. Atlas - Welcome To My Temple
33. Grown Ups - Pears
34. The Arteries - Bad Bangers
35. A Bridge To Many - Screen Me Out
36. Exhaustion - Dead Trees
37. Kerouac - Little Mountains We Move
38. Frustration - Untitled

You can grab it for free download on bandcamp. Click here to get it.

Mix's I've Made

Acoustic/Chill Mix #1


Acoustic/Chill Mix #2 

{Song Not Shown: 
1. Sherwood- The Only Song}

Hardcore Mix #1

Hardcore Mix #2

Punk Mix

{songs not shown: 
1. Dead Kennedys - I Kill Children
 2. Anthrax- Capitalism is Cannibalism 
3. Dead Kennedys- Holiday In Cambodia 
4. Circle Jerks- When The Shit Hits The Fan 
5. Descendents- Bikeage 
6. Rudimentary Peni- From The Heart 
7. Dirt- Seal Cull 
8. Descendents- Thank You}

Killing The Dream

If you do not own the Killing The Dream Discography, you need to change that, and I mean now. KTD has become a top contender in modern hardcore as 'best artist', in my book. I fell in love with these guys just a couple years ago myself and my life hasn't been the same since. They have such a raw, yet melodic and beautiful sound and their lyrics are so heart wrenching and full of emotion. It's so easy to relate to so many of the things these guys write about. They're worth checking out if you've yet to have done so.

Killing The Dream [2004]
  1. Picking Up The Pieces
  2. We'll Always Have Paris
  3. Save. Our. Ship.
  4. Play The Tune Or Die
  5. 10 1/2
  6. Before You Fall  Asleep
  7. January 2nd
  8. Pardon The Interruption
  9. The Escape
  10. By Now
Click here to download.

I Rewrote It EP [2005]
  1. Ante Up
  2. 39th & Glison
  3. Spoken In Clocks
  4. Where The Heart Is
Click here to download.

In Place, Apart [2005]
  1. Rough Draft [An Explanation]
  2. Critical Thought
  3. Post Scripts
  4. If It Rains
  5. Where The Heart Is
  6. We're All Dead Ends
  7. Ante Up
  8. Past The Stars
  9. Sick Of Sleeping
  10. Writer's Block
Click here to download.

Fractures [2008]
  1. [Re]acquaintance
  2. Part II [Motel Art]
  3. Fractures
  4. Thirty Four Seconds
  5. Consequence [What Comes Next]
  6. Everything but Everything
  7. Hang The Jury
  8. We Were
  9. You're All Welcome
  10. Thirteen Steps
  11. Holding The Claws
  12. Resolution
Click here to download.

Lucky Me [2010]
1. Blame the Architects
2. Walking, Diseased
3. Testimony
4. Past of a Saint (We Were Thieves)
5. Part IV (Sinner's Failure)
6. Hell Can Wait
7. Black

Click here to download now.

New Lows

Hailing from Boston and featuring members of previous bands Think I Care, So Be It, and The Prowl. New Lows jumped into the scene in the drop of the dime with no lackluster and no bullshit just straight brutality. Genuine brutality that so many bands just don't have anymore which forces the generic breakdowns, beat down parts or whatever kids are calling it these days into their songs. With more of an early thrash/death metal influence in their tunes ala Sepultura or Bolt Thrower. New Lows doesn't hesitate to bring the mosh in the most reassuring of ways.

  1. Stagnant Strides
  2. Born And Razed
  3. Plaguegrounds
  4. Last Of The Rats
  5. Harvest Of The Carcass
  6. The Horrible And The Miserable
  7. Blinding Grief
  8. Anguish
  9. New Lows
  10. The Pounding And The Hollering
Click here to get it now.
Like it? THEN BUY IT, TOO. Support all the efforts, money and time spent to make US kick ass music.

Joyce Manor

I checked out the self titled EP from Torrance, California's own Joyce Manor. Honestly, it's hard for me to get into the ''new'' pop punk scene. The bands of today that are considered 'pop punk' don't really do it for me like New Found Glory or Blink 182 still do for me, BUT I will say that I enjoyed the album.
Check it out for yourself!
  1. Orange Julius
  2. Call Out (Laundry)
  3. Beach Community
  4. Derailed
  5. Famous Friend
  6. Leather Jacket
  7. 21st Dead Rats
  8. Constant Nothing
  9. Ashtray Petting Zoo
  10. Constant Headache
Get it NOW!
Like it? Then buy it!

The Germs

I came across something, and I figured that I'd share it.

The Germs 'Rough Mixes and Outtakes'

Some of these songs were never released, others are outtakes or from other various recording sessions.

  1. Going Down
  2. Caught In My Eye
  3. Now I Hear The Laughter
  4. Communist Eyes
  5. Lions Share
  6. Land Of Treason
  7. My Tunnel
  8. Dragon Lady
  9. Throw It Away
  10. Untitled
  11. American Leather
  12. Our Way
  13. Richie Dagger's Crime
  14. Let's Pretend
  15. Strange Notes
  16. Manimal
  17. What We Do Is Secret
  18. Media Blitz
  19. The Slave
  20. Shut Down
Click here to download it.

The Misfits

Misfit Rarities
This is a collection of nearly 50 alternate versions, mixes, rarities etc. Definitely worth checking out.

Part One aaaaand Part Two

Or click here to download all at once with Megaupload.

The Clash

Last Gang In Town:  Rarities 1976-1984

This mix compiles the entire career of The Clash, from demos, to live tracks and remixes and alternate lyrics etc etc and so on.

  1. 1977 (Polydor Demo)
  2. White Riot (Polydor Demo)
  3. Garageland (Complete Rude Boy Outtake)
  4. Pressure Drop (CBS Demo)
  5. White Man In Hammersmith Palais (Alt. lyrics)
  6. All The Young Punks (CBS Demo)
  7. Safe European Home (Music Machine, Camden Town 27.07.78)
  8. Lost In The Supermarket (Majestic Theatre, San Antonio, TX 22.05.83)
  9. Revolution Dub (Rude Boy Rock Edit)
  10. Return To Brixton (1990 Jeremy Healy Remix)
  11. The Magnificent 7 (Dirty Harry Full Radio Mix)
  12. Capital Air - w/Allen Ginsberg (Bond's Casino, Times Square, NYC 10.06.81)
  13. Should I Stay Or Should I Go (Mick Jones produced version)
  14. Walk Evil Talk (Combat Rock Sessions)
  15. This Is England (Dutch 7" Single 1984)
  16. Career Opportunities (Polydor Demo)
  17. Janie Jones (Polydor Demo)
  18. Londons Burning (Polydor Demo)
  19. Tommy Gun (Dunfermline Kinema 06.07.78)
  20. English Civil War (London Lyceum 03.01.79)
  21. Outside Broadcast (12" Radio Clash Remix)
  22. The Beautiful People Are Ugly Too (Combat Rock Outtake)
  23. Kill Time (Combat Rock Outtake)
Want it? Download it here!

Most Precious Blood

The angsty, angry, and generally rough album known as “Do Not Resuscitate” definitely screams out a theme of hard times and redemption in a beautiful, persistent way. It is the representation of a genre that’s sorely needed. “Do Not Resuscitate” is the album that takes listeners dark feelings and turns them into a masterpiece – a true masterpiece that has been long overdue.

Stick Together

For those who don't know, Stick Together have been a band to watch out for since their demo was released in spring 2010. This 7" follows up where the demo left off, aggressive straight edge hardcore the way it was meant to be played.


1. Stick Together
2. Don't Get Stuck
3. Actions Speak Louder...
4. For Myself
5. The Real You (No More Games)

Click here to get it now.
Oh, you like it, huh? Then go ahead and order yourself a copy, too.

The Get Up Kids

There Are Rules starts off with an eerie, slow, tantalizing introduction, and immediately you are wondering where the pop punk boys of the 90’s went. Thirty seconds of suspense and your immersed into heart-pounding drums and the unmistakable distorted indie guitar riff.  The first song entitled “Tithe”, is an interesting blend of gritty vocals and a lead line that cuts through the mix.

All in all, this album should really be listened to. At first I was a little weary about their new chosen identity. In the end, it really grew on me. I would definitely recommend you give it a listen and decide for yourself. This is honesty, this is real, and this is music.


1. Tithe
2. Regent’s Court
3. Shatter Your Lungs
4. Automatic
5. Pararelevant
6. Rally ‘Round the Fool
7. Better Lie
8. Keith Case
9. The Widow Paris
10. Birmingham
11. When It Dies
12. Rememorable

Click here to download.

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Fallen is the 9th studio album from Burzum, and follows the highly critically acclaimed 2010 release Belus which put Burzum straight back at the at the top of the chain as of one of the most innovative and creative metal artists of our time. Fallen follows Belus in sound and structure, and can also be compared to the music on the groundbreaking DET SOM ENGANG VAR. Fallen is more dynamic and hard hitting then Belus and has an even bigger sound, but still carries the same trademark melodic melody lines throughout that makes Burzum sound so iconic and unique.

Track List:

1. Fra Verdenstreet
2. Jeg faller
3. Valen
4. Vanvidd
5. Enhver til Sitt
7. Budstikken
7. Til Hel og tilbake igjen

Clicketh here to loadeth the down.



1. Keeping Secrets
2. The Benefits Of Self Mutilation
3. Enslaved
4. Nauseous

Click here to get it now.
Like it? Then buy it.

Please buy this record. Their full length never made it to vinyl, so help them out.


Shards is an awesome band from North Carolina. They play some gloomy hardcore/punk that's extremely catchy.


1.Breeder Scum
3.Lycanthropic Discomfort
4.In Bed
5.More And More
9.They Want It, They Get It
10.Watersports Olympics
11.Time's Up

Get it now AND buy it.

Rudimentary Peni

Rudimentary Peni Discography. GET ON IT.  
But really, in all seriousness, Rudimentary Peni is one of my favorite bands to ever exist. If you're a fan, download what you don't have. If you've never listened to them, download any of these and fall in love with them.

S/T EP 1981
Farce EP 1981
Catastrophe live LP 1982
Death Church LP 1983 Remastered version can be found here.
The EP's of RP LP/CD 1986 (.rar format only)
Cacophony 1987 (.rar format only)
Pope Adrian 37th Psychristiatric LP 1995
Echoes And Anguish EP 1998
The Underclass EP 2000
Archaic EP 2004
No More Pain EP 2008


Led by cult hardcore hero Chris Bickel, who went on to play in Guyana Punchline and Newgenics, In/Humanity released a couple full-length albums, a couple singles, and contributed to several compilations before calling it quits in 1998.

I was going to post a link to download each album individually, until I came across this.

It's called In/Humanity - Violent Resignation: The Great American Teenage Suicide Rebellion 1992 - 1998. It's basically their entire discography, minus a few songs. If you really dig them, I suggest looking up their discography and comparing it to what is on this. A lot of this stuff is VERY hard to find, so to be honest, this is probably the best it'll get.

Download Violent Resignation here.

Dr. Dre

In my personal opinion, this is one of the greatest hip hop albums to ever exist. If you don't own it, you should change that and I mean now.

Click here to download.

Lupe Fiasco

If you appreciate hip hop, you'll definitely appreciate this. It took me a while to find all this, so download and listen to it. Forreal. Lupe is on fire.

I've been on a big Lupe Fiasco kick lately. He's easily one of best artists in the hip hop scene. The way he flows so gracefully and how hard he goes is amazing. To me, he's flawless.

Here's the links to most of what he has out thus far. Theres a few things missing and none of this includes the collaboration mixtapes he's done with other artists.

Food & Liquor
The Cool
Follow The Leader
Enemy Of The State (A Love Story)
Before There Were Lasers
Fahrenheit 1/15 Part I: The Truth Among Us
Fahrenheit 1/15 Part II: Revenge Of The Nerds
Fahrenheit 1/15 Part III: A Rhyming Ape
Super Fiasco Bros 
Touch The Sky
Da Exam
Lupe The Jedi
Abstract Artform 
Chi-Town Guevera Mixtape
Vintage Fiasco
Overlooked Vol. 1
Overlooked Vol. 2
Trials and Tribulations Part 1 (.rar format only)
Future Of The Future
Words I Never Said (W.I.N.S)

Bad Liar

The First Collection EP. This is some pretty sweet acoustic punk rock featuring a member of of the hardcore band, Until Your Heart Stops. Not sure of his name, but it's definitely worth checking out.

1.Sleepless Nights
3.Start A Riot

Download it here.


Newest EP, Last Days Of Rome, from Long Island pop punk band Daytrader, featuring ex members of Bridge And Tunnel, Latterman and Crime In Stereo. If you are into it make sure to check the link included to buy it at Run For Cover.

  1. Kill My Compass
  2. Living
  3. Last Days Of Rome
  4. Gray-Colored Glasses
  5. Death Means Nothing To Men Like Me
Download it here, and if you dig it, buy it.

La Haine

La Haine is a four piece band from Albuquerque, New Mexico. The best way to describe their sound would be to call it a mix between screamo/skramz, punk and post-hardcore.

My buddy James, who also happens to be the drummer of this band, sent me a download link to their demo entitled Winter a few months ago. I downloaded it, checked it out, and was left in awe after listening to it.

It's worth the download, I promise you that. Check it out for yourselves and show some love to the New Mexico hardcore scene.

Get a copy of Winter here.

Loud Youth

Loud Youth is a hardcore punk band out of Copake, NY but they're currently located in both upstate NY and in Danbury, CT.
Download Sounds Of Suburbia now.


Six piece hardcore band, Heritage, from Canada. My buddy Brandon is the drummer for these guys. I downloaded this a while back and I was pleasantly surprised. Check them out for yourself and support Canadian hardcore!

Pirate bay torrent:[JonnyBeans]#filelistContainer

Cage The Elephant

I have a renewed love for Cage The Elephant. I haven't listened to them in so long, and honestly, I don't know why. They're wonderful.

They're also from Kentucky, which makes me proud to be from the South. I love when great bands from around here or nearby towns/states are discovered and truly appreciated like they should be.

They've got two albums right now. Their most recent, Thank You, Happy Birthday, was just released a frew months ago. Good guys with good tunes. Give them a listen.

Download Cage The Elephant S/T here.
Download Thank You, Happy Birthday here.


Crowbar’s album “Sever the Wicked Hand” is both classic sounding and very, very different than before. The sound is very heavy, slow, and painful, but there is also a tone of achievement. With front man Kirk Windstein’s highly publicized new found sobriety, Crowbar’s latest album is not just forlorn, it’s victorious. You can see that in songs like “Cleanse Me, Heal Me,” “A Farewell to Misery,” and “I Only Deal in Truth.”

Crowbar’s specialty is served again and many of the songs just cut right through you to reveal your own anguish. “Sever the Wicked Hand” is destined to be one of the band’s most beloved albums yet.

1. Isolation (Desperation)
2. Sever The Wicked Hand
3. Liquid Sky And Cold Black Earth
4. Let Me Mourn
5. The Cemetary Angels
6. As I Become One
7. A Farewell To Misery
8. Protectors Of The Shrine
9. I Only Deal In Truth
10. Echo An Eternity
11. Cleanse Me, Heal Me
12. Symbiosis

Get it now. If you like it, buy a copy.


If you like hip hop, and you haven't heard of or listened to Onyx, something is honestly wrong with you. They have some of the hardest material I've ever heard. Do yourself a favor and get on this.

Bacdafucup 1993
All We Got Iz Us 1995
Shut Em Down 1998
Bacdafucup Part II 2002
Triggernometry 2003
Cold Case Files Vol. I Murda Investigations 2008 (For some reason, I could find this in .zip format. The link included is for a torrent. If you'd rather just download it in .rar format, click here.)


Naysayer- EP Collection

"This CD is like a Tour Edition, Includes:
Down But Not Out EP
No Remorse EP
Self Titled EP (Demo)"

1. Your Fate
2. DJD
3. Down But Not Out
4. Left Behind
5. Affliction
6. Soul Searching
7. So Be It
8. Peace Of Mind
9. Overstand
10. Twisted Game
11. World's Demise
12. Affliction
13. Life's Burden
14. Dead End
Click here to download.

2004 Drug Free Youth Compilation

  1. D.S.13 - If This Is Hardcore
  2. 7 Seconds - Drug Control
  3. Judge - Bringin It Down
  4. Nations On Fire - Radical But Not Cool
  5. New Winds - My Choice My Life
  6.  Youth Of Today - Make A Change
  7. Ten Yard Fight - Where I Stand
  8. Straight Ahead - Straight Ahead
  9. Slapshot - In Your Face
  10.  Diehard Youth - Posi-change
  11. Minor Threat - Straight Edge
  12. Bold - Nailed To The X
  13. Dys - Stand Proud
  14. Project X - Straight Edge Revenge
  15. Negative Approach - Whatever I Do
  16. Dag Nasty - Justification
  17. What Happens Next - Positive Youth (its Not Just For The Kids Anymore)
  18. No For An Answer - Just Say No
  19. Uniform Choice - Straight And Alert
  20. Good Clean Fun - Coll-edge
  21. The Abused - Drug Free Youth
  22. Wide Awake - Wide Awake
  23.  Last Rights - Out Of Our Minds
  24.  X Acto - Too Much Smoke
  25. Side By Side - You're Only Young Once
  26. SSD - Fight Back
  27. Violent Children - Skate Straight
  28. Unity - Positive Mental Attitude
  29. Gorilla Biscuits - Breaking Free
  30. Teen Idles - Sneakers
  31. Chain Of Strength - True Till Death
  32. The First Step - More Than Fashion (dys Cover)
  33. Turning Point - Behind This Wall
  34.  In My Eyes - Perspective
  35. Youth Brigade - Live Life
  36. Time X - One Life Drug Free 
Click here to download.

A Wilhelm Scream

A Wilhelm Scream is an amazing melodic punk band with some seriously technical guitar/bass parts. They're a personal favorite band of mine and I am more than happy to share them with you guys. Enjoy and pick something up/see them when they come to your town if you are into what you hear!

A Wilhelm Scream EP [[Like it? Click here to buy it!]]
Benefits Of Thinking Outloud [[Like it? Click here to buy it!]]
Career Suicide [[Like it? Click here to buy it!]]
Mute Print [[Like it? Click here to buy it!]]
Ruiner [[Like it? Click here to buy it!]]

Agoraphobic Nosebleed / ANS Split

Agoraphobic Nosebleed / ANS Split {A Tribute To Gang Green}


1. Agoraphobic Nosebleed- Alcohol
2. ANS- Lets Drink Some Beer
3. ANS- Bl'azing Saddles

Get it here and if you like it, buy that shit, too. Let's support the bands that spend their time, money and efforts to make us kick ass music!