Friday, March 25, 2011

Killing The Dream

If you do not own the Killing The Dream Discography, you need to change that, and I mean now. KTD has become a top contender in modern hardcore as 'best artist', in my book. I fell in love with these guys just a couple years ago myself and my life hasn't been the same since. They have such a raw, yet melodic and beautiful sound and their lyrics are so heart wrenching and full of emotion. It's so easy to relate to so many of the things these guys write about. They're worth checking out if you've yet to have done so.

Killing The Dream [2004]
  1. Picking Up The Pieces
  2. We'll Always Have Paris
  3. Save. Our. Ship.
  4. Play The Tune Or Die
  5. 10 1/2
  6. Before You Fall  Asleep
  7. January 2nd
  8. Pardon The Interruption
  9. The Escape
  10. By Now
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I Rewrote It EP [2005]
  1. Ante Up
  2. 39th & Glison
  3. Spoken In Clocks
  4. Where The Heart Is
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In Place, Apart [2005]
  1. Rough Draft [An Explanation]
  2. Critical Thought
  3. Post Scripts
  4. If It Rains
  5. Where The Heart Is
  6. We're All Dead Ends
  7. Ante Up
  8. Past The Stars
  9. Sick Of Sleeping
  10. Writer's Block
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Fractures [2008]
  1. [Re]acquaintance
  2. Part II [Motel Art]
  3. Fractures
  4. Thirty Four Seconds
  5. Consequence [What Comes Next]
  6. Everything but Everything
  7. Hang The Jury
  8. We Were
  9. You're All Welcome
  10. Thirteen Steps
  11. Holding The Claws
  12. Resolution
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Lucky Me [2010]
1. Blame the Architects
2. Walking, Diseased
3. Testimony
4. Past of a Saint (We Were Thieves)
5. Part IV (Sinner's Failure)
6. Hell Can Wait
7. Black

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