Thursday, April 28, 2011

Spencer Bonds

Spencer Bonds is a hip hop artist out of L.A.
I had a new e-mail from him today with the subject line being 'mp3 submission', and I wasn't exactly sure what to think. I downloaded it and started listening and after about a minute, I was thinking ''Damn, this is fucking sick.''
He's the first submission I've had for this blog, and I'm definitely not disappointed.

Spencer Bonds - The Oppisite
This is the track he submitted to me via e-mail. Stream it above, and if you dig it, download it.

He's got his newest album, Bosses Way, up for free download via bandcamp, as well as his other previous releases (all free). I'd check it out if I were you. He's also got a tumblr page, and a facebook, get at him and into him, you won't be let down.


“Straight-edge hardcore: three words absolutely revered in the mid-90s before becoming the butt of many a scene joke in the 2000s. So where does that put us now? In the case of Atlanta’s Foundation and their Bridge Nine debut, it puts us right back in the pit, flapping our arms like gorillas with huge, black Xs on our hands. These guys have encapsulated the spirit of 90s straight-edge bands like Unbroken, Chokehold and Strain (remember them, please?) and added an extra level of rage and heaviness not found in their predecessors. Sure, nothing will eve match the first time we heard a band like Chokehold play their straight-edge chorus breakdowns, but Foundation have modern production values on their side. And a pit-gang of gonads, to boot.”

- AP

1. Purple Heart
2. At Your Mercy
3. Devotion II
4. A Thousand Ways
5. Anthem For Redemption
6. Calloused
7. No Cure For Fools
8. No One Writes Protest Songs...
9. Never Stops Raining
10. The Sound Of Arson

Download the album now and pre-order it as well! Support the bands that continue to make us kick ass music!!

Also, the album is due out May 3, 2011. There's a record release show scheduled for April 30, so make it out if you can! Awesome bands are playing. Here's the flyer:


Detroit's, Fireworks, return with the Brian McTernan-produced full-length album, Gospel, on Triple Crown Records. Since the release of their debut full length All I Have To Offer Is My Own Confusion in 2009, the band has toured the world relentlessly with the likes of New Found Glory, Set Your Goals, Saves The Day, Hit The Lights and a successful headline tour. The band has also made appearances on the Warped Tour, Bamboozle and a number of other festivals. Prior to the release of the album the band will co-headline The Manscout Jamboree Tour with The Wonder Years and additional support.

“Gospel represents Fireworks better than anything we’ve done in the past. I think it really is the photo for the fundamentals we started this band on. The songs came so naturally and working with Brian (McTernan) pushed them and us to a level we’ve never came close to reaching in the past. Fireworks Lives.”

- Chris Mojan, guitarist

1. Arrows
2. I Was Born In The Dark
3. X's On Trees
4. We're Still Pioneers
5. Teeth
6. Oh, Why Can't We Start Old and Get Younger?
7. Summer
8. Life Is Killing Me
9. I Am The Challenger
10. Paintings Of Paul Revere
11. I Locked My Time Capsule
12. The Wild Bunch

Download Gospel now.

I can honestly promise that you'll love this record. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pre-order a copy on vinyl here, or for a copy on CD, here!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Dead End Path

After months of preparation, the debut LP from Dead End Path, Blind Faith, is FINALLY completed and being pressed. Blind Faith will be available digitally and in stores on June 14, 2011 on Triple B Records. It was announced that two songs, Requiem and End On End will be available for free download to preview the album. Download them, share them, do whatever. Pre-Orders will be up in a couple weeks. Kenny from Free Spirit/Step Forward is still hard at work finishing the painting for the album cover and the band will also have some limited tour edition copies on their upcoming tour with Title Fight, Touche Amore, and the Menzingers. keep checking Triple B Record's site for more updates on the LP.

This is the full tracklist for the up coming album:

1. Blind Faith
2. Never Had Heaven Ever
3. Requiem
4. End On End
5. Cathedral Bones
6. Death & Birth of a Ghost
7. Unease
8. Between I & I
9. Skeleton Key to the Cemetry
9. Faith/Void

Download the two free tracks now!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Casa De Diversion

This is a compilation put together by the guys over at Toxicbreed Funhouse, featuring some of the best up and coming bands in hardcore today.

1. Ruckus- Destructive Criticism
2. Wreck- Nüse
3. Suburban Scum- Drifter
4. Expire- Sleep Lost
5. Xibalba- Salvation
6. Twitching Tongues- Astigmatism
7. Incendiary- Cold War
8. Dead Weight- Marine Layer
9. Sleepwalkers- Waste of Life
10. Harm's Way- Breeding Grounds
11. The Beautiful Ones- Hear Me
12. Kicked In- What's Right
13. Fingers Crossed- Throne of Judgement
14. True Life- Steal My Breath
15. Will To Die- Embers
16. Weekend Nachos- For Life
17. Picked Clean- MWP
18. FocusedxMinds- Stay Focused
19. Sorry Excuse- Mute
20. Iron Rain- Tolls
21. Doubledealer- Corrupted
22. Wrong Answer- Citizen Of Hell
23. Burdens- Final Breath
24. Product of Waste- Our Only Hope
25. Rock Bottom- Your Demise
26. Power- Daughters
27. War Hound- The Path Of The Wicked
28. Apart- The Frailty of Everything
29. Full Of Hell- Rat King
30. Lifeless- Day by Day
31. Territory- Throne
32. Oblivion- Dim
33. Troublesome- Lose Control
34. Everything Went Black- Alaskan Demons
35. Vestiges- VI

Sound and Fury 2011 UPDATE

The second line-up announcement for Sound & Fury was posted today. These are the new additions to an already mind blowing group of bands:
  1. Advent
  2. Calculator
  3. Cornered
  4. Cruel Hand
  5. Dead End Path
  6. Death Threat
  7. Doubledealer
  8. Expire
  9. Low Places
  10. Minority Unit
  11. Minus
  12. Mongoloids
  13. New Morality
  14. Noose
  15. Not Sorry
  16. Oblivion
  17. Over My Dead Body
  18. Rock Bottom
  19. Run With the Hunted
  20. Seahaven
  21. Secret People
  22. Settle For Less
  23. Suburban Scum
  24. The Greenery
  25. The Wrath
  26. Trial
  27. Twitching Tounges
  28. Wrong Answer
  29. Xibalba
If you've been out of the loop the last few weeks, the first announcement for the three day band line-up was released April 5th. These are the bands that were released then:

  1. Agitator
  2. Alpha & Omega
  3. Band of Mercy
  4. Between Earth and Sky
  5. Bitter End
  6. Ceremony
  7. Deafheaven
  8. Down To Nothing
  9. DYS
  10. FocusedxMinds
  11. Hardside
  12. Harvest
  13. Incendiary
  14. Joyce Manor
  15. Maker
  16. Nails
  17. New Lows
  18. Power
  19. Ringworm
  20. Rotting Out
  21. Sleepwalkers
  22. Soul Search
  23. Stick Together
  24. The Suicide File
  25. Take Offense
  26. Venia
  27. Violation
  28. War Hound
The fest is taking place July 22-24 at the same location as last year, the Earl Warren Showgrounds in Santa Barbara, Ca. Purchase your ticket here!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Despise You / Agoraphobic Nosebleed

New Agoraphobic Nosebleed / Despise You split, featuring the first new Despise You material in several years, and it kicks ass. Both sides of this split fucking rule so get this shit and GRIND YOUR MIND.

Despise You:
2.Repeat Until You Fail
3.Roll Call
5.Three Day Hold
6.Yes Officer/No Officer
7.Fear's Song
8.Two Or Ten Faces
9.Shit Goes In, Shit Comes Out
10.You Can't Fix Me, Don't Trip
11.Painted Grey
12.All The Regimes You Hold Most Dear
14.Bankrupt Social Code
15.Seven Funerals
16.They All Died Is What Happened
17....And Expirations
18.Cedar Ave. (Was The Best Place To Watch People Ascend To Heaven)

Agoraphobic Nosebleed:
1.Half Dead
2.Bad As It Is...
4.Los Infernos
7.Burlap Sack

Download here and get yourself a copy here.

S.O.S Hardcore Super Band

Hardcore “super group” S.O.S. has announced that their debut EP will hit stores on June 21st via Good Fight Music (vinyl will be released through Reaper Records).

Originally conceived several years ago, S.O.S. features Scott Vogel (Terror) on vocals, Matt Henderson (ex-Madball, ex-Agnostic Front) on guitar, Chris Beattie (Hatebreed) on bass, Nick Jett (Terror) on drums, and Sam Trapkin (Trapped Under Ice) on guitar.

I'll update this once I have my hands on a download link.

Check out a preview here:

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Killing The Dream

Killing The Dream has broken up. I missed the memo when it was stated that Lucky Me would be their last release.

I really wish this were a joke. They're one of the best bands in modern hardcore. I wish I understood how and why wonderful bands continue to break up, yet bands such as Bring Me The Horizon, Attack Attack and BrokenCYDE continue to stay together.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mike Bird

People have constantly been asking about other ways they can help out Mike, so here are some other ways you can help:

Write him a letter!

Patient: MIKE BIRD
462 Grider Street
Buffalo, New York 14215

Draw him a picture, write him a poem, tell him a story, anything!
Just let him know you’re rootin’ for him.
No one wants to be sitting in a hospital bed BORED all day long.
HELP keep him entertained!

Several people are selling shirts, bracelets, jewelry, and other awesome things and donating SOME or ALL of the proceeds to the Mike Bird Benefit.

COLD CUTS MERCH EXCLUSIVE Mike Bird Benefit t-shirt. Limited edition. 100% profits go to Mike Bird Benefit.

BUFFALO STYLE Available in WHITE or BLACK. Get these while they’re HOT. They will NOT last! 100% of proceeds go to Mike Bird Benefit.

Agitator Exclusive. Limited edition. Only available until May 2nd. Get yours NOW. 100% profits go to Mike Bird Benefit.

moshSTRONG BRACELETS! 100% of proceeds go to the Mike Bird Benefit.

Dream Catcher Jewelry Ashley X Christina hand-makes her own jewelry. 100% of purchases made on her page in between now and April 28th get donated directly to the Mike Bird Benefit.

If none of this interests you, please please please donate to the paypal account set up for him (
Hardcore isn't just a genre of music or style people claim, it's a family. When one of us gets knocked down, we help them back up. This is our way of helping out Mike. Just remember that a dollar goes a long way.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Help Mike Bird

On the evening of Thursday, April 14th 2011 the Buffalo hardcore community gathered at Mohawk Place to support Terror and Trapped Under Ice as they took the stage to play a show.

With plenty of pile-on’s, stage-diving, sing-along’s and an incredible vibe of unity and energy, the show got off to an awesome start.

However, what began as a good-old hardcore show ended in a tragic incident that has forever altered the life of one of Buffalo hardcore’s very own members.

MIKE BIRD, regular show-goer, hardcore kid, and a member of the Buffalo Straight Edge community, was knocked to the ground by a stage-diver. Hitting his back and head on the concrete floor, Mike had to be rushed to the hospital via ambulance to be treated for his injuries. Unable to move his limbs, or feel any pain in his lower-body, Mike received emergency spinal surgery for his injuries.
The official diagnosis indicates that Mike broke the C5 and C6 vertebrae in his lower spine. With no feeling in his legs, it is unclear how soon 19-year old Mike will regain use of his lower body and be able to walk (or mosh) again.

Without the luxury of being able to afford his own health insurance coverage, this injury is crippling financially as well.
An ambulance ride, emergency room visit, sophisticated spinal surgery, X-Rays, physical therapy, and medication leaves Mike Bird with a medical bill that will most-likely amount to a six-figure sum. His lack of insurance and limited mobility will make paying this debt an impossible task.

The Buffalo hardcore community is banding together, pooling our collective resources and organizing benefit events to help offset Mike Bird’s medical bills.


The community aspect of hardcore is something that transcends the boundaries of cities, crews, cliques, scenes, and sub-genres.
We are ALL hardcore kids; we’re all cut from the same cloth.
We ALL go to shows, we ALL stage dive, and we’ve ALL had our share of mishaps.

It could have been any one of us in Mike Bird’s shoes.
He just happened to draw the short straw that night and get knocked down.
But as we all know, when someone gets knocked down in hardcore, we PICK THEM BACK UP.

Several benefit events are being organized within the Buffalo scene as we speak.
I’m told that both Terror and Trapped Under Ice are both on-board for a special merch-run related to this incident.

a PayPal account has been set up for donations and absolutely 100% of the money donated to this PayPal will go DIRECTLY to Mike Bird’s medical expenses.

If you have ANYTHING you can donate via PayPal, a quarter, a dollar, two dollars, please send donations via paypal to:
NO donation is too small.
Mike Bird has NOTHING, so ANYTHING you can donate will add up.

If you have any questions about this fundraising effort, or want to help out and become involved, shoot me an e-mail at

Tight Grip

Tight Grip is a four piece Hardcore / Thrash band that represent the Straight Edge out of Columbus, Ohio.
I've previously heard of them through certain people that I follow on, but this is the first time I've taken the time to actually listen to them. They're definitely a band to keep your eye out for. Big things will happen for them.

They have their EP up for grabs for FREE on their bandcamp, and you can keep tabs on them via facebook. They have some merch available, too! Grab some and get into this awesome band.

If you don't feel like going to their bandcamp to download the EP, click here to get it directly from mediafire.

Living & Wrestling

Living & Wrestling are a metal/hardcore influenced screamo band out of Milwaukee that have a niche for gang vocals. I was actually messaged about this band via and given a link to their bandcamp and a link to download their music. I'm currently listening to what they have on their bandcamp site as I write this, and I must say, that I'm impressed. The Midwest has yet to let me down when it comes to bands in the hardcore, metal, and screamo scene, and Living & Wrestling do not disappoint.

This band has a melodical sound to them, making the music beautiful, yet chaotic simultaneously. This is definitely a band I would recommend. If you're in the Midwest, they'll be touring the area(s) at the end of May. Keep a lookout for them!

1.Enivrez Vous
3.Crisis Carries Us

Download here.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Summer Playlist 2011

Each year I make a playlist for summer, full of songs that make me happy and love life. This year's playlist is my best yet, I do believe. Check it out.

Enlarge the photo if you can't read the songs that are listed.

Download it here.

V.A- Fucked Up Presents: David's Town

This a very special release. It is the soundtrack to Fucked Up's upcoming rock opera. Yeah, that's right. It's all fake bands that are supposed to be from 1977, but they are really just Fucked Up with a lot of guests. There's a ton of great artists involved including A.C. Newman of The New Pornographers. It rules, check it out for yourself.

1. Porcelain On Porcelain - Byrdesdale Spa FC
2. Crown And Criers - Garden City
3. Gacy And The Boys - My Old Man's A Ginger
4. Redstockings - Unrequited Love
5. Animal Man - Do You Feed? (The Curry Song)
6. The Wavy Originals - Fake Moments (Of True Love)
7. Grain - Light Rain
8. In Good Company - Harmony's Double
9. Hateful Coil - Bull Thunder
10. Das Schwache - Das Schwache
11. Wonderer - It's Hard To Be A Dad

Download here.

Incendiary / Unrestrained Split UPDATE

I came across the tracks for Incendiary's portion of this split. Enjoy.
Make sure to get yourself a copy of the full split, too!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Le Dead Projet

This album honestly and completely blew me away. Le Dead Projet are an awesome and new French Chaotic Hardcore/Screamo band. I highly recommend this.

1.Rotten Words
2.Built To Spill
3.The Sound As The Wind Blows
4.The Beauty
5.The Beast
6.Close To Death
7.I Withdraw
8.In And Out
9.No Random
10.Keep On Living

Get it here, and buy it if you like it.

Us, Haunted Bodies

Us, Haunted Bodies was a Screamo band out of California. They play a chaotic form of hardcore, a bit of a German sound. Some of the guys who are in Loma Prieta were in this band. It's 4 songs of some solid and REAL screamo. Get into it.


  1. We and What We've Become
  2. Untitled
  3. The Unreported Resistance
  4. Austere Asceticism
Download it here, now, and if you're into it, buy it. There are only a few copies left, so get your hands on one ASAP.

Touche Amore

This track is from the bands upcoming LP entitled "Parting the Sea Between Brightness and Me" which will be released on Deathwish.

It's called 'Tilde' Get it now!

Touche Amore "Tilde" by deathwishinc

Bobby Mackey

Bobby Mackey, who's a well known country artist, fell in love the first time he laid eyes on this old, abandoned building. Until that moment, he had never thought of being a night club owner, then, it became his driving force. His wife, Janet, wasn't quite so sure, because the enormous, dusty, old building felt very unfriendly to her. Of it's ghostly residents, some had been waiting for Bobby to come back. Others had a particular dislike for pregnant women, and Janet, then, was four months along. This non-fiction account of the paranormal encounters in and around Bobby Mackey's Music World is bone chilling.

Here is some of the history:

The building where the nightclub is now located has a long and bloody history in the area, from its origins as a slaughterhouse to its tangible link to one of the greatest ghost stories of southern Indiana. It was constructed back in the 1850’s and was one of the largest packing houses in the region for many years. Only a well that was dug in the basement, where blood and refuse from the animals was drained, remains from the original building. The slaughterhouse closed down in the early 1890’s, but legend has it that the building was far from abandoned. According to the lore, the basement of the packing house became a ritual site for occultists. The well was used to hide the remains of small animals that were butchered during their ceremonies.

(a photo of the well in Bobby Mackey's)

Apparently, a small satanic group made up of local residents gathered at the empty building, managing to practice their rituals in secret. However, they were exposed in 1896 during one of the most spectacular murder trials ever held in northeast Kentucky. It was so large that tickets were sold to the hearing and more than 5,000 people stood outside the Newport, Kentucky courthouse for information about what was taking place inside. The trial, and the murder that spawned it, has become an integral part of Bobby Mackey’s haunted history.

Pearl Bryan, the daughter of a wealthy farmer, was an attractive, young woman who lived in Greencastle, Indiana in 1896. She was the youngest of 12 children from a prominent family and by the age of 22, was one of the most popular girls in the area. She had graduated from Greencastle High School in 1892 and had more than her share of suitors. Unknown to her friends and the polite members of Greencastle society, Pearl was pregnant. Her cousin and close friend, William Wood, had recently introduced her to Scott Jackson, who was then attending the Ohio College of Dental Surgery in Cincinnati. He and Wood, who was then attending medical school at DePauw University, became close friends but unbeknownst to Wood, Jackson was an alleged member of the occult group that met the former slaughterhouse in Wilder. Jackson’s family was as well-to-do as the Bryan’s and so he was immediately accepted as a suitor for Pearl. He soon seduced her however and she became pregnant. Pearl turned to Wood, who in turn, informed Jackson of the problem. He made arrangements to remedy the situation with an abortion in Cincinnati.

Pearl left her parent’s home on February 1, 1896 and told them that she was going to Indianapolis. Instead, she made plans to meet with Jackson and his roommate, Alonzo Walling, in Cincinnati. It would be the last time that her parents would ever see her alive. She was at that time five months pregnant.

Jackson’s medical skills were apparently much more inept than he had led his friend William Wood to believe. He first tried to induce an abortion using chemicals, apparently cocaine. This substance was later discovered in Pearl’s system during an autopsy. After that, he tried to use dental tools, but botched that as well. After an hour or so, Jackson and Walling has a frightened, injured and bleeding young woman on their hands and that’s when the story takes an ever darker turn.

The three of them left Cincinnati and traveled across the Ohio River and into Kentucky. Jackson took them to a secluded spot near Fort Thomas and here, he and Walling murdered Pearl Bryan. Using dental instruments, they severed her head from her body. It was a “clean cut”, according to the testimony of the doctor who later examined the body. He also determined that Pearl had been alive at the time because of the presence of blood on the underside of some leaves at the murder scene. Pearl’s body was found about two hundred feet off the Alexandria Turnpike and less than two miles from the abandoned slaughterhouse. As her head was nowhere to be found, Pearl was identified by her shoes. They bore the imprint of Louis and Hays, a Greencastle shoe company that was able to confirm that they had been sold to Pearl Bryan. During the trial that followed, Walling testified that it had been Jackson’s idea to cut Pearl up and distribute her body in the Cincinnati sewers. Only the head was taken, for which Jackson apparently had other uses. Pearl’s luxurious blond hair was later found in a valise in Jackson’s room. Pearl’s head was never found and legend has it that it was used during a satanic ritual at the slaughterhouse. It was then dumped into the well of blood and was lost. Jackson and Walling were brought to trial in 1897 and were quickly found guilty and sentenced to death. William Wood was later arrested and charged as an accomplice. Charges against him were dropped when he agreed to testify against the other two men. According to reports, Jackson and Walling were both offered life sentences instead of execution if they would reveal the location of Pearl’s head. Both men refused. They went to the gallows behind the courthouse in Newport on March 21, 1897. It was the last public hanging in Campbell County.
(Left: Scott Jackson; Right: Alonzo Walling)

The stories spread that Jackson and Walling were afraid of suffering “Satan’s wrath” if they revealed the location of Pearl’s head. The slaughterhouse was then a closely guarded secret and other occultists would have been exposed if the two men had talked. One reporter commented later that Walling, as the noose was being slipped over his head, threatened to come back and haunt the area after his death. The writer also stated a few days later, in an article in the Kentucky Post newspaper that an “evil eye” had fallen on many of the people connected to the Pearl Bryan case. Legend has it that many of the police officials and attorneys involved in the case later met with bad luck and tragic ends.

After the trial ended, the slaughterhouse fell silent and remained empty for many years. It was eventually torn down and a roadhouse was constructed on the site. During the 1920’s, the place became known as a speakeasy and as a popular gambling joint. Local lore has it that during this period, a number of murders took place in the building. None of them were ever solved because the bodies were normally dumped elsewhere to keep attention away from the illegal gambling and liquor operation.

The Nightclub Years

After Prohibition ended in 1933, the building was purchased by E.A. Brady, better known to friends and enemies alike as “Buck”. Brady turned the building in a thriving tavern and casino called the Primrose. He enjoyed success for a number of years but eventually the operation came to the attention of syndicate mobsters in Cincinnati. They moved in on Brady, looking for a piece of the action. Brady refused offers for new “partners” and outright bids to buy him out of the Primrose. Soon, the tavern was being vandalized and customers were being threatened and beaten up in the parking lot. The violence escalated until Brady became involved in a shooting in August 1946. He was charged and then released in the attempted murder of small-time hood Albert “Red” Masterson. This was the last straw for Buck and he sold out to the gangsters. It was said that when he left, he swore the place would never thrive again as a casino. Brady committed suicide in September 1965.

After Brady sold out, the building re-opened as another nightclub called the Latin Quarter. Several times during the early 1950’s, the new owners of the bar were arrested on gambling charges.. In 1955, Campbell County deputies broke into the building with sledge hammers and confiscated slot machines and gambling tables. Apparently, Brady’s promises had come to pass.It was also during this period that the legends of the building gained another vengeful ghost. According to the stories, the owner of the club’s daughter, Johanna, fell in love with one of the singers who was performing here and became pregnant. Her father was furious. Thanks to his criminal connections, he had the singer killed. Johanna became so distraught that she attempted to poison her father and then succeeded in taking her own life. Her body was later discovered in the now infamous basement… and according to the autopsy report, she was five months pregnant at the time.

Bad luck continued to plague the owners of the tavern. In the 1970’s, it became known as the Hard Rock Cafe, but it was closed down by authorities in 1978 because of some fatal shootings on the premises.

Bobby Mackey’s Music World

Finally, the building was turned into the popular bar and dance club that it is today. Bobby and Janet Mackey purchased the building in the spring of 1978 with the intention of turning it into a country bar. Mackey was a well-known as a singer in northern Kentucky and had recorded several albums. He actually scrapped his plans to record in Nashville in order to renovate the old tavern. Once the bar was opened up, it immediately began to attract a crowd.

Despite a number of years success with the place though, the good times have never been able to erase the “taint” caused by the history of murder and death. The hauntings at Bobby Mackey’s Music World remain stained with blood.

Carl Lawson was the first employee hired by Bobby Mackey. He was a loner who worked as a caretaker and handyman at the tavern. He lived alone in an apartment in the upstairs of the building and spent a lot of time in the sprawling building after hours. When he began reporting that he was seeing and hearing bizarre things in the club, people around town first assumed that he was simply crazy. Later on though, when others started to see and hear the same things, Lawson didn’t seem so strange after all.

“I’d double check at the end of the night and make sure that everything was turned off. Then I’d come back down hours later and the bar lights would be on. The front doors would be unlocked, when I knew that I’d locked them. The jukebox would be playing the ‘Anniversary Waltz’ even though I’d unplugged it and the power was turned off,” Lawson told author Doug Hensley, who has written extensively about the haunted tavern.Soon, the strange events went from strange to downright frightening! The first ghost that Lawson spotted in the place was that of a dark, very angry men that he saw behind the bar. Even though others were present at the time of the sighting, they saw nothing. A short time later, Lawson began to experience visions of a spirit who called herself “Johanna”. She would often speak to Lawson and he was able to answer her and carry on conversations. The rumors quickly started that Lawson was “talking to himself”. Lawson claimed that Johanna was a tangible presence though, often leaving the scent of roses in her wake.

Odd sounds and noises often accompanied the sightings and Lawson soon realized that the spirits seemed to be the strongest in the basement, near an old-sealed up well that had been left from the days when there was a slaughterhouse at the location. The lore of the area, Carl knew, stated that the well had once been used for satanic rituals. Some of the local folks referred to it as “Hell’s Gate”. Although he wasn’t a particularly religious man, Lawson decided to sprinkle some holy water on the old well one night, thinking that it might bring some relief from the spirits. Instead, it seemed to provoke them and the activity in the building began to escalate.

Soon, other employees and patrons of the place began to have their own weird experiences. They began to tell of objects that moved around on their own, lights that turned on an off, disembodied voices and laughter and more. Bobby Mackey was not happy about the ghostly rumors that were starting to spread around town. “Carl starting telling stories and I told him to keep quiet about it. I didn’t want it getting around, because I had everything I own stuck in this place. I had to make a success of it,” he said. He was not one to believe in ghosts or the supernatural and he didn’t want his customers believing in it either. But when Janet Mackey revealed that she too had encountered the resident spirits, Mackey was no longer sure what to think!

Janet told him that she too had experienced the strange activity. She had seen the ghosts, had felt the overwhelming presences and had even smelled Johanna’s signature rose scent. She also had a very frightening encounter in the basement. While she was there, she was suddenly overcome by the scent of roses and felt something unseen swirl around her. “Something grabbed me by the waist,” Janet later recalled. “It picked me up and threw me back down. I got away from it, and when I got to the top of the stairs there was pressure behind me, pushing me down the steps. I looked back up and a voice was screaming ’Get Out! Get Out!’”

At the time of this terrifying encounter, Janet was, like Johanna and Pearl Bryan before her, five months pregnant. A coincidence?

Once Janet admitted that she had seen the ghosts in the building, other people began to come forward. Roger Heath, who often worked odd jobs in the club remembered a summer morning when he and Carl Lawson were working alone in the building. Heath was removing some light fixtures from the dance floor and Lawson was carrying them down to the basement. Just before lunch, Lawson came up the stairs and Heath noticed that he had small handprints on the back of his shirt. It looked just like a woman had been hugging him!

Erin Fey, a hostess at the club, also confessed to encountering Johanna. She had laughed one day at Lawson when he was talking to the ghost. She stopped laughing when she also got a strong whiff of the rose perfume.

Once the stories starting making the rounds, they caught the attention of a writer named Doug Hensley. He decided to investigate the stories and started hanging around the club, striking up conversations with the regular customers. No one was anxious at first to talk about ghosts. “When I first talked to these people, almost every one of them refused to be interviewed,” Hensley said. After he talked to Janet Mackey though, many other people came forward. Soon, Hensley had thirty sworn affidavits from people who experienced supernatural events at the club.

He continued to collect stories and sightings, intrigued by the various spirits who had been seen, including a headless ghost who was dressed in turn-of-the-century clothing. Strangely, independent witnesses provided matching descriptions of the phantom, never knowing that she had been seen by others. That was when Hensley turned to historic records to shed some light on the building’s past. He was stunned to discover that events of the past were closely connected to the hauntings of the present. In old newspaper accounts, he found the story of Pearl Bryan and photos of Buck Brady that matched the description of an often seen ghost. None of the witnesses to the present-day paranormal activity were even vaguely aware of who these people had been or what connections they had to the building!

Hensley has since compiled his stories into a book and has been a part of many of the investigations at the club, including a 1994 exorcism of the place that failed miserably. The activity continues to occur and several individuals have even been physically assaulted by spirits. One customer even tried to sue Bobby Mackey in 1994, claiming that he was attacked in the restroom by a ghost wearing a cowboy hat! The case was later dismissed.

Bobby Mackey’s Music World remains perhaps one of the strangest haunted sites in the Midwest and one that has proven to be a major attraction for ghost hunters and enthusiasts alike. Few go away disappointed from a tavern where “spirits served” has another meaning altogether!

Click here to download the song Johanna.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Incendiary / Unrestrained Split

Incendiary have their two tracks from their split with Unrestrained up for stream and download on bandcamp. Check it out here or buy a hard copy here.


On the album, Travels, we follow a character from birth in 1945 until his death, the opening lyrics set the dark tone to follow: “Unwanted from his first breath, a mother’s blessing born, a father’s burden worn.” From here the lyrics continue in a third-person narrative as we witness the child growing up in a string of unpleasant situations over the span of three songs. The fourth track, “Forgiver Forgetter” features the protagonist at 17 experiencing the turning point that shapes the rest of the story and sets him out on the album’s namesake, Travels. Tracks 5-9 follow him through his road life before the album’s finale takes him back home to confront what he left behind. Individually, the lyrics work and avoid storytelling cliché. Writing songs that coherently and chronologically tell a story cannot be an easy feat and when taken as a whole, the tale on Travels is raw and moving.

The follow up EP, Lost Ground, is the continuation of Travels or, more precisely, is kind of a spin-off from Travels. The EP is still conceptual and based on a narration. So, the style is the same, a character-driven, first-person chronological story all along the record but the character changes. The protagonist, this time, is the one we were introduced to on the song Prophet In Plain Clothes from Travels, that man who was playing guitar in the street. Those six new songs focus on him and a specific part of his life. Indeed, the songwriting is a story-telling about his journey from enlisting in the army during the Second World War to his comeback home. Through those years of life, we witness the man's struggles with family values, proper and mental war, alcohol addiction, faith, racism, recognition, loneliness, poverty and homelessness. We guess the character, who could be represented by the man on the cover, is black and songwriter, Derek Archambault, tried to depict the inequality in treatment and rights according to races, despite the common will of fighting and dying for the same country. On Home Ain't Never Home (which basically develops the unforgettable line "Home is never home, it's just the place where you came from" from the first album), he is shouting: "Ain't no man in this city / Will take a chance on me / The color of my skin / Is all they see / I was a hero when I came home / Now no one seems to know / And this medal that I received / It means nothin' to me". The lyrical content focuses on the desillusion of the soldiers when they come home and how they end up regretting having spent a part of their life killing men. The singer doesn't have an exceptional or groundbreaking writing talent, just a wonderful story-telling ability which enables him to spit realities that explode at your face, just like his band's music. Both are dense and inspired.
Defeater's compositions feature many nuances in dynamics and song structures (the powerful back-and-forth on The Red, White and Blues). Their dissonant guitar harmonies and high-pitched riffs (The Bite and Sting) rise behind Archambault's snarling vocals. The production is excellent and completely sublimates the rhythm section. The sharp bass has its glorious moments (the beginning of the same song) and the drums aren't put aside either ('Beggin' in the slums'). On the latter song, there's also a tiny bit of blues and a tiny bit of acoustic, just as on 'Travels'. On another note, the EP is less reckless than the album. The pace is less fast, more mid-tempo (A Wound and Scar), to focus on the emotion in the frontman's delivery. Numerous lines, without being catch phrases, will stay stuck in your mind after hearing them, something Have Heart used to be the best at. But the most memorable moment is the post-break part of Singin' New York Town, when after a few calm guitar notes, the full band comes back in and Derek Archambault shouts with the whole world's despair: "I beg and I plead / For her [his mother] god to hear me". Definitely an emotional peak, so moving it gives me shudders.

With Defeater's most recent release, Empty Days and Sleepless Nights, they continue on with the story. Basically, it's the protagonist has a brother who kills his father because he didn't love him; He was a mistake and a burden. The brother runs away while the protagonist swears revenge on him. Now it's just him and his religious mother, he really looked up to his father. He was a military hero and a hard worker, he provided for his family and taught his children to be hard workers as well. The protagonist waits at the old fishing dock he works at for the coward (his brother), but he never shows up. His mother eventually became addicted to heroin to deal with the father's drinking. She was so addicted that the protagonist was left to take care of her. He works his ass off for her, the way his father did for his family. He goes to the bar with his friends to drink a lot and he becomes love sick when they go home to their women. He feels as if he has no one, until one night, he meets the love of his life at the bar. That night, he instantly falls in love with her and they stay together for years. Since his father is gone, he began drinking a lot more due to the harassment he was getting from the bookie looking for him to pay off all his father's old gambling debts, while his wife is friendly to the man who won't leave him alone and this upsets him a lot. He gets drunk and comes home and starts fighting with his wife, accusing her of flirting with the bookie. In return, she calls him out on his alcoholism and unquenched vengeance for his brother. She makes some remarks about him and how his mother being an addict, so he leaves home in a rage and heads to the race tracks his father used to bet at. There, he encounters the bookie, attacks him and then gets jumped by the lackeys. He wakes up the next morning remorseful of how he acted and the fight with his wife, so he goes home only to find her dead. The bookie had killed her. He feels guilty for not being there to protect her, but he continues on with his life.. working, taking care of his mother, and getting even more drunk than before, basically relying on alcohol. He goes to the cemetery to talk to her headstone, and he wishes he was the one that was dead. He sees his mother getting worse and worse, and he blames it all on his brother. This goes on and the characters condition continue to get worse. One morning he finds his mother dead in the church from a heroine overdose. He then becomes a recluse, waiting to kill himself, and at the last moment, his brother, the coward, arrives back at home. The hero is finally ready to exact his revenge. He walks his little brother past all these places mentioned previously in the record, back to the train tracks where they used to play, and got into a little scuffle. The protagonist is drunk, going into a pre-murder monologue, when the coward grabs the gun and turns it on the hero. There is a train not too far away and its getting closer; The hero accepts the death he's been waiting for, and the album ends. We never find out whether it was the bullet or the train that did him in.

All in all, Defeater is currently my favorite band in modern hardcore. Their lyrics are so well written, and the concept of their albums are so deep, and I honestly can't get enough. I hope for nothing but the best for these guys and I can't wait until the release of another album.

Get into this discography of all their material so far and truly enjoy it.
Travels LP

Get it here now.
Lost Ground EP
Download it now.
Empty Days & Sleepless Nights LP
Download it now.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Former Thieves

Coming from the barren and simple fields of Iowa, Former Thieves have created a pummeling new record that personifies the feelings and emotions of coming from nothing and fighting the entire way to what they have created. The Language That We Speak takes the listener through a thorough commentary on the frustration of Midwestern life. Articulate, sharp, and sincerely pissed.

1. Dead Horses Are Turned Into Glue
2. I Can't Get There From Here
3. Brilliant Expectations
4. Trust Fund Kids*
5. First World Blues**
6. Everything Has a Price, Everything is Stolen
7. Pacemaker Trendsetter
8. What's Real and What's Not
9. Bad Friends
10. The Language That We Speak

Download now and if you like it, BUY it!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Tony Hawk Playlist

If you were/are into the Tony Hawk games, you'll appreciate this. I wish I had a download available, but I don't. You can stream this playlist though, and it is amazing. I'll be listening to it all night.

To get a taste of what's on this playlist, here are the first 10 tracks:

  1. Del the Funky Homosapien - If I Must
  2. Red Hot Chili Peppers - Fight Like A Brave
  3. Rollins Band - Whats The Matter Man?
  4. Zebrahead - Check
  5. Guttermouth - I'm Destroying
  6. System Of A Down - Shimmy
  7. The Offspring - Blackball
  8. The Cult - Bad Fun
  9. Gold Finger - Superman
  10. N.W.A - Express Yourself
There's so many amazing tracks on this and it brings back A LOT of memories. Definitely take a listen to this amazing playlist here.


This cd collects all the material from the mid-era Raein, including all the songs from their split records plus the amazing dden marscherar St vSst 7" plus a couple of really hard to find songs. More than 35 minutes of heart-breaking and breath-taking screamo from one of the best bands of this genre.

1. Faithless
2. New Day Scenario
3. Blue Lines
4. This Life My Cage
5. On Air
6. Armando 10 Bota
7. Parte 1
8. Parte 2
9. Endless Tourlife
10. Remix 1
11. Remix 2

Download it here and if you like it, BUY it!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Do You Realize I'm Not Your Toy? Mix


  1. The Flaming Lips - Do You Realize?
  2. The Very Best - Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa (Vampire Weekend Cover)
  3. The Champion and His Burning... - Kids and the Van
  4. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Heads Will Roll (A-Track Remix)
  5. Detox Retox - Caroline
  6. The Guggenheim Grotto - Fee Da Da Dee
  7. The Boys Least Likely To - Faith (George Michaels Cover)
  8. Zee Avi- Bitter Heart
  9. Oren Lavie- Her Morning Elegance 
  10. La Roux - I'm Not Your Toy (Data Remix)
  11. Two Door Cinema Club - What You Know
  12. The 88 - All 'Cause of You
  13. Rilo Kiley - Breaking Up
  14. Jonsi- Time To Pretend (MGMT Cover)
I'm not sure which artist it is from this mix it is, but someone from a label reported this post, so I'm having to remove the download link. If you'd like this playlist, look to my blog and contact me.

Songs For A Happy Lydia Mix


  1. The Bird and The Bee - My Love
  2. of Montreal - Coquet Coquette
  3. Vampire Weekend - M79
  4. Metric - Black Sheep
  5. Tim Myers - The Lucky Ones
  6. Eric McCarley - Pony
  7. Pete Yorn & Scarlett Johansson - Relator
  8. The Temper Trap - Sweet Disposition
  9. Mae - Mistakes We Knew We Were Making
  10. The Black Keys - Tighten Up
  11. Kid Cudi, Best Coast & Rostam - All Summer
  12. Jack’s Mannequin - Spinning
  13. Katie Herzig - Forevermore
  14. Florence + The Machine - Dog Days are Over
  15. Ingrid Michaelson - You and I

Spring Break Mix

  1. April Smith and the Great Picture Show - Movie Loves a Screen
  2. Au Revoir Simone - Shadows
  3. Teen Daze - Driving Home from the Beach (The Feeling of)
  4. The Rescues - Break Me Out
  5. Oh Land - Sun of a Gun
  6. Kings of Convenience - Boat Behind
  7. Samantha Crain & The Midnight Shivers - Scissor Tales
  8. Katsby - Chicago
  9. Sia - Little Black Sandals
  10. Stephanie’s Id - Unmistakably Love
  11. Fanfarlo - Luna
  12. Beach House - Zebra
  13. Camara Obscura - French Navy
  14. Two Door Cinema Club - Something Good can Work
  15. Dolores O’Riordan - When We were Young
  16. Discovery - Swing Tree
  17. The Blow - Parentheses
I'm not sure which artist it is from this mix it is, but someone from a label reported this post, so I'm having to remove the download link. If you'd like this playlist, look to my blog and contact me.

Music For Melancholy Moments Mix


  1. Allie Moss - Corner
  2. Duffy - Warwick Avenue
  3. Imogen Heap - Hide and Seek
  4. William Fitzsimmons - Heartless (Kayne West cover)
  5. Sia - Breathe Me
  6. Ivy - Worry About You
  7. The Perishers - Pills
  8. Ingrid Michaelson - Keep Breathing
  9. Safetysuit - Gone Away
  10. Katie Herzig - I Hurt Too
  11. José González - Heartbeats
  12. Rosi Golan - Been a Long Day
  13. Death Cab For Cutie - A Lack of Color
  14. Cat Power - The Greatest
  15. The Fray - Happiness
Download here.

STOP The Negative Thoughts Now, You ARE Fabulous! Mix


  1. The Boy Least Likely To - Be Gentle With Me
  2. Sara Schiralli - Incomplete
  3. Freelance Whales - Location
  4. Oh No! Oh My! - Walk In The Park
  5. S. Carey - In The Stream
  6. Jonsi - Boy Lilikoi
  7. Fleet Foxes - Ragged Wood
  8. Margot & The Nuclear So and So’s
  9. Annie Little - Fly Me Away
  10. The Weakerthans - Civil Twilight
  11. Trent Dabbs - Inside These Lines
  12. Beatbeat Whisper - Mismanaged Skies
  13. Jasper Sloan Yip - Transit
Download here.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Earl Sweatshirt

This is a preview of an unreleased track from one of Odd Future's youngest, yet most talented members, Earl Sweatshirt.

Click here to download it.

Suggestions / Requests are welcome

I run this blog by myself and some times, my mind doesn't function well and I can't think of things to post or I don't find them when searching.

Any and all suggestions or requests are welcome and I'll do my best to get them all posted.
Inquiries, suggestions and requests go here.
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May 24 marks the release of Firework’s highly anticipated Sophomore album, Gospel. Can’t wait? Well, luckily, the guys in the band have posted “Summer,” the first song to be released from the album, for stream and download. In order to receive the free download, there's a link to click to either tweet about it, or 'like' it on Facebook. That's a pretty fair deal to me. Check it out!

Click here to get the track and go here to pre-order the album and other awesome merch!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I get on these kicks, sometimes, where all I listen to is Screamo/Skramz for days. The U.S has a few Skramz bands worth mentioning, but man, Europe is where is it's at. From France's Daïtro to Italy's Raein, it is nothing but perfection. I mean that musically as well as lyrically. I can roughly translate most songs and they're beautiful, filled with passion and so much heart.. the things, it seems, a lot of bands here are lacking.

Here are some of my favorite albums:

1. Daïtro Discography

2. Raein Discography

3. Indian Summer Discography

4. Amanda Woodward - Discographie

5. Pg. 99 - Discography

6. Funeral Diner Discography

7. Loma Prieta Discography 2005-2009

8. Suis La Lune Discography


10. Anomie Discography