Sunday, April 17, 2011

V.A- Fucked Up Presents: David's Town

This a very special release. It is the soundtrack to Fucked Up's upcoming rock opera. Yeah, that's right. It's all fake bands that are supposed to be from 1977, but they are really just Fucked Up with a lot of guests. There's a ton of great artists involved including A.C. Newman of The New Pornographers. It rules, check it out for yourself.

1. Porcelain On Porcelain - Byrdesdale Spa FC
2. Crown And Criers - Garden City
3. Gacy And The Boys - My Old Man's A Ginger
4. Redstockings - Unrequited Love
5. Animal Man - Do You Feed? (The Curry Song)
6. The Wavy Originals - Fake Moments (Of True Love)
7. Grain - Light Rain
8. In Good Company - Harmony's Double
9. Hateful Coil - Bull Thunder
10. Das Schwache - Das Schwache
11. Wonderer - It's Hard To Be A Dad

Download here.