Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Living & Wrestling

Living & Wrestling are a metal/hardcore influenced screamo band out of Milwaukee that have a niche for gang vocals. I was actually messaged about this band via last.fm and given a link to their bandcamp and a link to download their music. I'm currently listening to what they have on their bandcamp site as I write this, and I must say, that I'm impressed. The Midwest has yet to let me down when it comes to bands in the hardcore, metal, and screamo scene, and Living & Wrestling do not disappoint.

This band has a melodical sound to them, making the music beautiful, yet chaotic simultaneously. This is definitely a band I would recommend. If you're in the Midwest, they'll be touring the area(s) at the end of May. Keep a lookout for them!

1.Enivrez Vous
3.Crisis Carries Us

Download here.