Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mike Bird

People have constantly been asking about other ways they can help out Mike, so here are some other ways you can help:

Write him a letter!

Patient: MIKE BIRD
462 Grider Street
Buffalo, New York 14215

Draw him a picture, write him a poem, tell him a story, anything!
Just let him know you’re rootin’ for him.
No one wants to be sitting in a hospital bed BORED all day long.
HELP keep him entertained!

Several people are selling shirts, bracelets, jewelry, and other awesome things and donating SOME or ALL of the proceeds to the Mike Bird Benefit.

COLD CUTS MERCH EXCLUSIVE Mike Bird Benefit t-shirt. Limited edition. 100% profits go to Mike Bird Benefit.

BUFFALO STYLE Available in WHITE or BLACK. Get these while they’re HOT. They will NOT last! 100% of proceeds go to Mike Bird Benefit.

Agitator Exclusive. Limited edition. Only available until May 2nd. Get yours NOW. 100% profits go to Mike Bird Benefit.

moshSTRONG BRACELETS! 100% of proceeds go to the Mike Bird Benefit.

Dream Catcher Jewelry Ashley X Christina hand-makes her own jewelry. 100% of purchases made on her page in between now and April 28th get donated directly to the Mike Bird Benefit.

If none of this interests you, please please please donate to the paypal account set up for him (
Hardcore isn't just a genre of music or style people claim, it's a family. When one of us gets knocked down, we help them back up. This is our way of helping out Mike. Just remember that a dollar goes a long way.