Thursday, April 28, 2011


“Straight-edge hardcore: three words absolutely revered in the mid-90s before becoming the butt of many a scene joke in the 2000s. So where does that put us now? In the case of Atlanta’s Foundation and their Bridge Nine debut, it puts us right back in the pit, flapping our arms like gorillas with huge, black Xs on our hands. These guys have encapsulated the spirit of 90s straight-edge bands like Unbroken, Chokehold and Strain (remember them, please?) and added an extra level of rage and heaviness not found in their predecessors. Sure, nothing will eve match the first time we heard a band like Chokehold play their straight-edge chorus breakdowns, but Foundation have modern production values on their side. And a pit-gang of gonads, to boot.”

- AP

1. Purple Heart
2. At Your Mercy
3. Devotion II
4. A Thousand Ways
5. Anthem For Redemption
6. Calloused
7. No Cure For Fools
8. No One Writes Protest Songs...
9. Never Stops Raining
10. The Sound Of Arson

Download the album now and pre-order it as well! Support the bands that continue to make us kick ass music!!

Also, the album is due out May 3, 2011. There's a record release show scheduled for April 30, so make it out if you can! Awesome bands are playing. Here's the flyer: