Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Rise Against

The attention to detail and dedication in creating a genuinely special record is notable and invigorating throughout the entirety of these 12 tracks. This Is Letting Go is one of the most anthemic songs you’re likely to hear this year, before the record closes with the title track, the tight intensity never loosening. The melodies are huge, the hoarse vocals are fairly infrequent – but this is probably one of the most punk rock albums Rise Against have recorded. That they’ve achieved this with a great, polished production is testament to a band who truly understand their craft and have genuine respect for sharing the scene from which they came. ‘Endgame’ is bona fide awesomeness.

It is an album full of important messages, with none greater than our inability and unwillingness to see the signs of our impending doom. Albums with this much heart, brains and chest-thumping rock are a rarity.

1. Architects
2. Help Is On The Way
3. Make It Stop (September’s Children)
4. Disparity By Design
5. Satellite
6. Midnight Hands
7. Survivor Guilt
8. Broken Mirrors
9. Wait For Me
10. A Gentlemen’s Coup
11. This Is Letting Go
12. Endgame

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