Thursday, March 24, 2011

Lupe Fiasco

If you appreciate hip hop, you'll definitely appreciate this. It took me a while to find all this, so download and listen to it. Forreal. Lupe is on fire.

I've been on a big Lupe Fiasco kick lately. He's easily one of best artists in the hip hop scene. The way he flows so gracefully and how hard he goes is amazing. To me, he's flawless.

Here's the links to most of what he has out thus far. Theres a few things missing and none of this includes the collaboration mixtapes he's done with other artists.

Food & Liquor
The Cool
Follow The Leader
Enemy Of The State (A Love Story)
Before There Were Lasers
Fahrenheit 1/15 Part I: The Truth Among Us
Fahrenheit 1/15 Part II: Revenge Of The Nerds
Fahrenheit 1/15 Part III: A Rhyming Ape
Super Fiasco Bros 
Touch The Sky
Da Exam
Lupe The Jedi
Abstract Artform 
Chi-Town Guevera Mixtape
Vintage Fiasco
Overlooked Vol. 1
Overlooked Vol. 2
Trials and Tribulations Part 1 (.rar format only)
Future Of The Future
Words I Never Said (W.I.N.S)