Saturday, March 26, 2011

Purple Mercy

I was always a fan of Life Long Tragedy and I, as well as the rest of the true hardcore fans, was super bummed over their break up back in '08. Especially since I was never fortunate enough to ever see them perform live. Luckily though, a few members of LLT went on to play with a band called Purple Mercy. They don't have have that ''AW FUCK YEAH LETS MOSH AND FUCK SHIT UP'' attitude, but they're just as intense.

Purple Mercy have that slow, heavy tempo with a psychedelic vibe that'll have you angrily bobbing your head. A lot of instrumental comes into play when listening to this band which makes for a very chill listening experience. They still have that hardcore attitude, just a little more laid back. My buddy, Alex, actually hooked me up with a download link for this band today. I had previously never knew they existed and I owe him one for this. He never lets me down when I'm in need of new music to check out.

Anyway, I'm on my third run-through of their self-titled album and I can't get enough. I thoroughly enjoy this band, and I'm positive that you will, too.


1. 1970's Acid Fuck Fest
2. Beware
3. Cashed Hit
4. No Hymn
5. Holy Vultures (Multiversal Mind Axe)
6. Drifting On The Salton Sea
7. Black Winds Of The Underworld
8. Swine Language

Download their S/T LP here, and if you're into it, buy yourself a copy as well.