Thursday, March 24, 2011

Wu-Tang Vs. The Beatles | Enter The Magical Mystery Chambers

I was randomly searching the web and I came across this mash-up. It was released last year, but apparently I have late timing and I'm just now discovering it. I'm currently downloading it for myself as we speak and I'm putting it up for you guys to enjoy, too, if you're like me and had no idea that it existed. I'm not exactly sure what to expect, but it's Wu-Tang. I've never heard a bad track from them.

According to the reviews I've read on it, some of the songs are even better than the originals. All the beats make sense and flow very well and the rapping is top-notch as usual.

''This mash-up ain't nothin' to fuck with.''


  1. Wu Vs Beatles (Intro)
  2. C.R.E.A.M.
  3. Got Your Money
  4. Forget Me Not
  5. Back In The Game
  6. Uh Huh
  7. Criminology
  8. Da Mystery Of Chessboxin’
  9. Daytona 500
  10. Labels
  11. Smith Bros
  12. R.E.C. Room
  13. Wu Vs Beatles (Skit)
  14. Mighty Healthy
  15. Clientele Kidd
  16. Cutting It Up
  17. Release Yo Self
  18. City High
  19. Run
  20. Cross My Heart
  21. Uzi (Pinky Ring)
  22. Bizarre
  23. Slang Editorial
  24. Save Me Dear
  25. The Movement
  26. Wu Tang Cream Team Line Up
  27. Wu vs. Beatles (Outro)
Click here to download