Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mountain Asleep

Mountain Asleep is some of Louisville's hardcore at it's finest. It's a shame they're broken up now. Although they don't exactly sound like Fugazi, they appeal to me in that same urgent, indescribable way.  For example, the last 30 seconds of Life as a Skyscraper (off of the album Hello, Anxious) and the last 50 seconds of Postcard (off of the album Smile Medicine) always make me think, whatever this is, THIS is what the fuck it's all about.

It's said this is their discography, but really it's only their first three releases, Bad Joke, Hello Anxious and their Summer Tour Demo. Click here to download that and click here to download Smile Medicine and here for the Mountain Asleep & Antilles split (which are the only two missing from the discography.)