Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mountain Man

All in all, this is a solid album. Vicious in all the right places and with teeth showing at all times. This kind of music takes no prisoners and Mountain Man have showcased with Grief that they’re very aware of that. If you’re into loud, feedback ridden, chaotic hardcore a la Last Lights, All Teeth and This Routine Is Hell then Grief and Mountain Man are right up your dreary alley.


1. Denial I
2. Denial II
3. Denial III
4. Denial IV
5. Anger I
6. Anger II
7. Anger III
8. Bargaining I
9. Bargaining II
10. Bargaining III
11. Bargaining IV
12. Depression I
13. Depression II
14. Depression III
15. Depression IV
16. Acceptance I
17. Acceptance II

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