Thursday, March 24, 2011

Nuclear Death Terror

While the crust-core genre is admittedly dependent on Discharge worship for its continued survival, Denmark's Nuclear Death Terror possess enough energy and fury behind what they do to stand out in a crowded scene. Funny, because, based on first glance, NDT seem like your quintessential crust band, from the harsh, black-and-white artwork down to the comfortingly traditional song structures. NDT have a real metal soul to them, however, and lurch from the speakers with an intensity far beyond their axe-attack, revealing a band with seemingly limitless crossover potential. Check them out.

Complete Discography:

Plague Bearer Demo 2005
Nuclear Death Terror 2006
Ceaseless Desolation EP 2007
Discography 2005-2008 [Best Of/Compilation] 2009 *[ .rar format only]
Total Annihilation EP 2009