Thursday, March 24, 2011


Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All Members:
  • Tyler, The Creator
  • Earl Sweatshirt
  • Domo Genesis
  • Hodgy Beats
  • Left Brain
  • Mike G
  • Frank Ocean
  • Jasper Dolphin
  • Taco Bennett
  • Syd tha Kyd
Former Member: Casey Veggies

Groups within the group:
  • Mellowhype: Hodgy Beats and Left Brain
  • The Jet Age of Tomorrow: Matt Martians and Pyramid Vita
  • Earlwolf: Tyler, The Creator and Earl Sweatshirt

Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All is L.A based and consists of 10 members. Often described as macabre, sinister and dark, the music of OFWGKTA is much more wide ranging than that. Each member offers a distinctive vibe. OFWGKTA is not just the hardcore aggressive sound offered up by leader Tyler, the Creator. Members Domo Genesis and Mike G serve up equally sick verses with a more laid back delivery. Ranging in age from 16-23, OFWGKTA provides a soundtrack to youth, girls, drugs, skateboarding and fucking shit up.

OFWGKTA Discography:
Ten Essential OFWGKTA Songs:
  1. MellowHype- Polyurthane
  2. Domo Genesis ft. Tyler the Creator- Super Market
  3. Tyler the Creator and Earl Sweatshirt- Orange Juice
  4. Hodgy Beats, Jasper and Mike G- Round and Round
  5. MellowHype ft. Tyler the Creator and Earl Sweatshirt- Chordaroy
  6. Tyler the Creator and Hodgy Beats- Sandwiches
  7. Tyler the Creator ft. Hodgy Beats- French!
  8. Tyler the Creator- Bastard
  9. Earl Sweatshirt- Earl
  10. Tyler the Creator- Yonkers
Aliases: Wolf Haley, Ace, Ace Creator

Tyler, The Creator is the Odd Future’s leader and most visible member. Blessed with a voice deep beyond his 19-year old soul, Tyler is the most talented member of the group. His creative, avant-garde songwriting and ability to churn out spellbinding tunes like 'Bastard' and 'Yonkers' prove that Tyler is much more than a disturbed kid with a predisposition for shocking antics.



Aliases: Sly, Thebe, Sweatshirt

Earl Sweatshirt is a 16 year old with a fondness for wordplay. His mixtape EARL Sweatshirt was named the 24th best album of 2010 by Complex. Listening to Sweatshirt is like watching a teenager beat your face with a bat and leaving you with a toothless grin. His ode to drugs and violence seemed so raw and honest it spooked his mother into sending him to boot camp, where he currently resides, hence the “Free Earl” chants at Odd Future shows. Or so they claim.

The group’s resident stoner Domo Genesis, 19, offers a laid back, relaxed vibe, a stark contrast to the hectic energy of EarlWolf. Dubbed Genesis because “it’s the beginning of some whole notha shit you ain’t even ready for.” Domo’s solo debut, Rolling Papers, is more than just a collection of stoner anthems. It’s also swagged out with a cloudy haze of synthesizers and beats loud enough to pose a threat to your speaker’s health. Domo has a way of making listeners feel blunted without even lighting up. If Madlib and Wiz Khalifa had a lovechild, this is it.


MellowHype is the pairing of producer/rapper Left Brain and the rapper Hodgy Beats. Left Brain is the group’s go-to producer, cutting up a variety of beats to match each member’s style. Hodgy Beats complements Left Brain with a smooth, laid-back flow.


Alias: The King

Mike G lays his Cali flow over promethazine beats. Like all OFWGKTA members, he raps about girls and partying, but with a laid back flow. He sounds like the guy at the party that sits back and watches it all go down. His style offers a much needed contrast to Tyler or Earl who are most likely to get your dog drunk and set your couch on fire. And at times, he’s also known to chop & screw his music.


Frank Ocean is for the ladies. His debut, Nostalgia, Ultra, is pantie droppin' music at it's finest.

Jasper Dolphin is the least prolific member of Odd Future. Maybe he’s still working on his craft before he debuts his genius... Or maybe he’s the glorified weed carrier. Only time will tell.


We haven’t heard much from Taco Bennett, who at 16 is the youngest member of Odd Future. But it IS known that he likes to eat tacos and that’s not some innuendo (I promise). Check out “Tina” off Tyler’s Bastard mixtape, for a sampling of Taco’s crunching skills.


Syd the Kyd is the OFWGKTA engineer. She’s 18 and 1 unit away from being a full-time college student. The members of OFWGKTA claim Syd gets more ladies than anyone in the group, so there’s that.


The Jet Age of Tomorrow is a production team formerly known as The Super 3. The group, which consists of Matt Martians and Hall Williams (aka Pyramid Vitra), specializes in spacey acid jazz production.

Casey Veggies is a former member of Odd Future. He describes himself as a “young nigga with an OG flow.” Casey carries himself with a confident, relaxed swag. He graduates high school this year. He’s also a member of a group Arrogant Veggies.