Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Spill Canvas

In all honesty, I had never listened to The Spill Canvas until I randomly came across their song, All Over You. It was catchy, upbeat and easily relate-able. I then proceeded check out some of their other music. I found myself bobbing my head to a few tracks and I was hooked. I finally decided to purchase the album No Really, I'm Fine as well as their previous albums. They've yet to fail me and they always have a song that I can relate to at any moment in my life.
This is their album Formalities. It was released last year and I'm in love with it.
1. Dust Storm
2. Our Song
3. As Long As It Takes
4. 10,000 Midnights (Acoustic)
5. Good Graces, Bad Influences
6. The Bone
7. Dust Storm (Acoustic)
8. CrashCourse
9. OurSong (Acoustic)
10. Don’t Let Your Enemies Become Friends
11. As Long As It Takes (Acoustic)

Download it here.