Thursday, March 24, 2011

Portraits Of Past

Portraits of Past is a wonderful addition to the modern screamo scene. If you think City of Caterpillar, Mesa Verde, and Envy are hot stuff, then you will REALLY enjoy this band. They're dark, depressing, drawn-out, brooding, and beautiful all jam packed into one. They veer between frenetic chaos and dirge-like slowness, with a tasteful dose of melody in the riffs that gives you the perfect listen.

Portraits of Past manage to be even darker then their successors, Funeral Diner and ...Who Calls So Loud. This is one of the most definitive screamo / emo groups to ever play music, even though they didn't get nearly as much recognition as Rites of Spring or Moss Icon.  Everyone needs to know about this 90s pioneering band, they're so goddamn good. Get into it.

Self Titled (1010101)
Portraits of Past / Bleed Split
Cypress Dust Witch