Monday, May 23, 2011


TheDiscordOfAForgottenSketch are a band from Montréal, Canada. Last year, they were on a 4 way split with Beau Navire, Carrion Spring and Te Lloraria Un Puto Rio and they also have a couple split vinyl records coming in the next year and a tape version of their album release by Dwyer Records from Ottawa.

They are definitely a band to get in to. If your a fan of Daïtro, Funeral Diner, or any of the bands listed above, then this band is a must have in your music library.

Within the last couple of weeks, they've released a new album and I suggest you get your hands on that. They've got it up for download on their bandcamp, in which you can name your own price to pay. 50 cents or 5 dollars, you need to own this album. I expect many great things to come to these guys.

1. Pluto
2. Zombie, Zombies
3. Ghost Town
4. I'm Here
5. Hall Of Famers
6. A Punk Band
7. Tdoafs

Click here to go to their bandcamp and get the album!!