Thursday, March 24, 2011


Not One Single Fucking Hit Discography is a collection of one album, four 7"s and live recordings by crust punk band, Aus-Rotten. Although this is technically said to be their discography, there are still two albums missing. I'll link to those separately. Enjoy.
  1. Intro
  2. The System Works For Them
  3. The Battlefield's Still Red
  4. When You Support These Fucking Bastards
  5. American Ethic
  6. No Justice, No Peace
  7. Too Little, Too Late
  8. Poison Corporations
  9. Tedium
  10. B.A.T.F.
  11. The Crucifix and The Flag
  12. The Flags Will Cover Coffins
  13. No Change, No Future, We're Lost
  14. They Ignore Peaceful Protest
  15. This Is Brainwash
  16. Secret Police, Secret Army
  17. Apathetic
  18. Denied
  19. Have Another
  20. Tuesday, May 18, 1993
  21. Vietnam Is Back
  22. Fuck Nazi Sympathy
  23. A.I.D.S.
  24. Do You Know Where Their Children Are?
  25. Perverted Patriotism
  26. Grave
  27. Two Years And One Song Later
  28. The Battlefield's Still Red
  29. Prejudice (Crucifix)
  30. Capital Punishment (live)
  31. Media Blackout (live)
  32. From Protest To Resistance (live) (Conflict)
  33. Swastika Rats (live) (Upright Citizens)
  34. Tube Disasters (live) (Flux of Pink Indians)
  35. Rock And Roles[30 Years](live) (Chumbawamba)
Download here.
Missing albums: 1999's ...And Now Back To Our Programming and 2001's The Rotten Agenda.