Thursday, March 24, 2011

Flux Of Pink Indians

Flux of Pink Indians were one of the most mysterious anarcho-peace punks, whom took extreme stances on veganism, anti-capitalism, anti-violence, peace-anarcho, and left-wing politics. Over the last few years, they've become one of my favorite punk bands. This is the closest I've found to a full discography, but I think one or two things might be missing.

Get into them, they won't disappoint.

Neu Smell EP 1981
Strive To Survive Causing Least Suffering As Possible 1983
The Fucking Cunts Treat Us Like Pricks 1984
Taking A Liberty EP 1985
Uncarved Block 1986
Not So Brave 1987
Live Statement
Fit And Starts (This was released when FOPI were still under the name of The Epileptics. Most of their songs became FOPI songs)