Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sound and Fury 2011

This is the first of two announcements about the line-up for this years Sound and Fury fest. The next set of bands will be revealed on April 26th.
  1. Agitator
  2. Alpha & Omega
  3. Band of Mercy
  4. Between Earth and Sky
  5. Bitter End
  6. Ceremony
  7. Deafheaven
  8. Down To Nothing
  9. DYS
  10. FocusedxMinds
  11. Hardside
  12. Harvest
  13. Incendiary
  14. Joyce Manor
  15. Maker
  16. Nails
  17. New Lows
  18. Power
  19. Ringworm
  20. Rotting Out
  21. Sleepwalkers
  22. Soul Search
  23. Stick Together
  24. Suicide File
  25. Take Offense
  26. Venia
  27. Violation
  28. War Hound
Hellfish Family is the presenting sponsor. Check out their website and get some killer merch from some of your favorite bands!

It's at the same location as last year:
Earl Warren Showgrounds - 3400 Calle Real St, Santa Barbara, CA

Buy your tickets soon, because they will go fast! And if you have any questions about the tickets, contact: tickets@hellfishfamily.com