Monday, April 4, 2011


Twelve Gauge has signed Tucson, Arizona’s, Hellhorse (with Nate from Black Teeth), and I'm glad they did. My friend sent me a link to their bandcamp to check out the songs they have posted and I was blown away. It's full of so much gnar. If you like any sort of thrash or doom influenced music, check these guys out immediately.

They've just recently released a 3 track demo which left me wanting much more. They don't have any albums available for download just yet, seeing as there is no previous music from them, but they have two songs from the upcoming 6-track EP, Decade Of Dust, which is set with a release date for some time next month.

Click here to check out the tracks I Am Disposable and Pig on their bandcamp.
Also, if you'd like a copy of their demo, visit their blog.